Disney's PURE dated for this September

Disney Interactive Studios has told MCV that its off-road racing title Pure will arrive in stores on September 26th.

The release date applies to both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 version of the game whilst the previously announced PC edition has yet to be dated.

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BilI Gates3933d ago

Haha lol. Motorstorm 2 is coming in October. Big mistake.

TheGamer3932d ago

I liked the graphics though. Lets wait for the reviews.

GamerMan3932d ago

When I saw the words Disney and Pure.. I didn't think the game amounted to much but I definitely think it will stand on it's own against Motorstorm 2 as it's more an ATV off road fury type game than it is a Motorstorm type of game.

I'm obviously going to await for reviews on this game but from the video I downloaded and some info I have read it does look very promising to me as a game I might pick up.