Phil Harrison says no to PS3 price drop

Phil Harrison's back, and he says that the rest of the world won't see a PS3 price cut, unlike Japan. Below is a snippet of Sony's exec interview with "EDGE", and he spills the beans on rumored price cuts for the PS3:

Edge: After the price announcement today, will there be a long-term strategy of levelling out the PS3 price worldwide?
PH: Well, what we did today was bring the Japanese price in line with the US and European consumer prices - less than 500 somethings.

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2tired2day2hate4461d ago

"Oh well, at least I'm going to get my money's worth, right?"

no, you're not

specialguest4461d ago

business wise, they don't need to drop the price. all of the first batch of PS3s will be bought up even with the high $600 price tag. when sales of PS3 start to decline to a steady rate, then maybe a price drop would be ok, if nessesary.

beans4461d ago

Well im not about to purchase a 600.00 console! Sony better have some great games and a better online service than Live because if not I will never purchase a PS3 even if the price drops!

SPAWN4461d ago

That`s why they won`t have my money! Why should I buy it when I have an XBOX 360 with better games anyways! If they want to sell this machine, they will have to drop the price to $399 before I bite!

ChickeyCantor4461d ago

dunno if i should lame it or cool it.......i mean........ofcourse they need to make money........but a price drop would be nice too XD

silent ninja4461d ago

they've dropped the price in japan and dropped ps3 price from the actual manfacturing cost, spent billions of $ on cell and other ps3 features.another price drop and sony might collapse(finacially)

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