Alone in the Dark - Xbox 360 Limited Edition Details

The 'next-gen' consoles have seen an increase in the number of limited/collector editions being released, some with great success and others have been found to be lacking. Luckily, the AitD one seems to be one which may well be worth upgrading for.

As well as the game disk, the pack also includes:

* 15cm Alone in the Dark Edward Carnby Figurine
* Alone in the Dark Artbook
* Bonus 'Making Of Alone in the Dark' DVD
* Alone in the Dark CD Audio Soundtrack

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meepmoopmeep3842d ago

nice package for the 360 owners.
i'm hoping the PS3 gets the same bundle as well.

PR0F3TA3842d ago

not me... i think some bundles just take your money more then others. I am waiting on the game itself though

meepmoopmeep3842d ago

yeah, i agree with you. i'm pretty selective with LE versions. i'm not even getting the GTA special edition. MGS4 for sure though and most likely the FF games.

PR0F3TA3842d ago

HA! me too... i reserved the MGS4 Limited Edition, but i passed on the GTA4 one and got just the game.

*Bubbles 4 u since great minds think alike

rucky3842d ago

I like the packaging, hopefully it won't cost a gillion dollars though.

Grown Folks Talk3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

only 1.5 billion. = } I'll be getting the game, but the regular edition. The only collector's edition I've ever bought was Splinter Cell: CT simply because it's my favorite series.

Rick Astley3842d ago

I'd rather not spend $120+ on a bunch of useless junk I won't have any use for.

I'll stick with the regular edition.

LightningPS33842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

You guys just don't have my eye.

Wait till reviews expose it. It's not all that, I wonder why the hell they are bothering with Special Edition and all that.

That's usually for games that actually matter.

meepmoopmeep3842d ago

i agree with you that this game doesn't really deserve an LE package.
but the game itself looks (so far) amazing to me.
i'll definitely read all the reviews though before i buy it.
i hope it turns out to be what it looks to be.

InMyOpinion3842d ago

"You guys just don't have my eye."

Correct. I have two eyes and they both work fine. It's hard to appreciate 3D graphics when you lack stereo-vision. Yarr!

I think the videos shown so far look extremely promising.

Chris_GTR13842d ago

damn. thats probably the best special edition ever. too bad itll probably cost over 90$ :(

hey just a heads up , saints row 2 also has a special edition i just found out about it today. someone should post it

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The story is too old to be commented.