Playstation 3 at Micromania Games Show Paris

Here's a video showing the ps3 stand at micromania games show. Resistance : Fall of Man, MotorStorm, Gran Turismo HD, Formula One et Genji : Days of the Blade were all playable.

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JIN KAZAMA4461d ago

After watching these videos, the PS3 for a fact will have to problem outselling the 360 and become the most dominant console. The 360 is in a whole lot of trouble. Virtua Fighter looks awesoome, it makes DOA4 look like crap. Motorstorm, well what can I say about motorstorm, just the fact that there is no game out there that can even compare to this masterpiece of a racing game. Resistance looks as usuall, AMAZING!!
I am so glad I was smart enough not to waste my money on the 360.

Antan4461d ago (Edited 4461d ago )

Jin Jin, ah Jin..........Take it easy buddy. the 360 is by no means in any trouble. The only trouble its is is keeping ahead of the game. Microsoft will be well aware the real work starts now. But now is a great time to be a gamer..........I would heartily recommend you pick up a 360 at some point. Be a happy gamer man.

OutLaw4461d ago

Jin bring it down a notch, the video was pretty good but nothing there (except Motorstorm) looks any better than what I already play on my 360 and with all the games that's coming out this november and beyond even Motorstorm will have some problems to match up against the 360.

Give the PS3 about six months to a year before you start comparing the two systems.

kingboy4461d ago

themart tomorrow i`ll bring you a video of me playing gears of wars so u can hate even more lol!
yup yup!let no one fool you cuz ps3 kick`s @ss

Antan4461d ago

That resistance portion looked great!!! very expansive!! really nice explosions also. Nerver interested in fighting games tbh. Tennis look really fun!!! Great animation. F1 and Motorstorm look cracking!! also, F1 will do very very well in europe once the machine comes out, a massive following of F1 us europeans are!!

andy capps4461d ago

It turns out there are three things that you can count on: death, taxes, and scriptkiddie voting lame on every PS3 topic.

Didn't even know about this show until I saw Playsyde's website. Cool.

Antan4461d ago

Same here! yeah i think "the kiddie" should be booted from pillar to post!! I`d bet on him being about 12yrs of age!!! and no doubt finds it funny. Come on Kiddie, speak words of wisdom to us all.

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