Sony, stop trying to make Vita happen

The only part of the traditional handheld market that seems likely to have a future is devices for younger children whose parents might not want them to have a full-fledged smartphone. But PS Vita games aren’t generally made for that target audience. And even if they were, Nintendo is so well entrenched that it seems unlikely Sony can make inroads.

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Donnieboi2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

Lol yeah whatever. They can't stop this genius idea Sony cooked up. Keep hating, haters.

NewMonday2774d ago

they said this about the PS3 at the start but it ended up the top HD console this generation, it looked impossible for the Vita but Sony found a way.

Sitdown2774d ago

Haha, love how you had to throw in "hd"

Donnieboi2774d ago

THIS is why the haters are afraid of the Vita TV:

This thing will sell like nothing we've ever seen before. And once it gets Gaikai, the viacom/cable deal Sony made, netflix, crackle, music unlimited, etc, it will kill Apple TV and Google TV. It will dominate living rooms. And bring support for Vita's (portable or otherwise) and bring a ton of games.

Vita TV for casuals, all ages/entertainment/tv, and hardcore.

Vita console for on-the-go (is poised to challenge 3ds, but with newer cheaper model, could sell for $179 (if OLED version is $199 than NOLED must be cheaper--plus combine sales of Vita TV and it's possible for Vita to make a massive comeback).

PS4 for next gen hardcore experience (go up against Xbox One, is more powerful, popular and costs $100 less for more)

PS3 for those who would like a cheaper console with a massive back-catalog collection of great AAA games. (Goes up against Wii U and costs $50-$100 less with infinitely more games and guaranteed collection of games via PS Plus).

Sony really meant it when they said they were combining departments. They are bringing the whole package and aiming to take down the competition hard. I love the business end of things almost as much as I like actually playing games. I can't wait to see what the competition is gonna do now.

MuleKick2774d ago

This is an Awesome idea. Good job Sony.

insomnium22773d ago


PS3 will be the top console period once all the consoles have been sold and production stopped.


stop giving these i***ts ammunition for no good reason.

minimur122773d ago

'Sony, stop trying to make your own products successful' -.-


The_Con-Sept2773d ago

The vita is a great portable. I own one. But I don't find myself buying the games because they feel more like fully fledged console games. If gravity rush was made for the PS3 I would have enjoyed it more. Simply because the screen was hard to concentrate on when using the gyro function. Uncharted Golden Abyss how ever was a much better title that I enjoyed on the vita simply because of the involvement of using the camera and it actually feeling like I was helping the characters.

Then you have the shooters. They are really good but.... The sad part is that shooters really should be done with a tv and a controller instead of a screen in your hand. Again the screen shaking may seem subtle but it is enough of a distraction to have me miss a target.

NewMonday2773d ago


just the simplest way describe this generation, while the Wii is technically part of it chronologically, it is in a different market, you don't see GTA, Battelfield, Bioshock, AC or most 3rd party blockbuster games on it.

UltimateMaster2773d ago

If someone made the Ouya happen.
Sony surely can deliver better.

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kayoss2773d ago

Its funny how Microsoft try to shove TV TV TV down our throat with the xbox one...while Sony sits back and leisurely release a microconsole for tv, games, and turn your non smart tv into a genius tv without making the consumer feel like they are forced. Sony is a master mind at work. *stand and applause* Well played Sony, Well Played.

Khajiit862773d ago

All i need is a psvita phone and ill be set.

3-4-52773d ago

uhh this person obviously doesn't realize Vita IS going to happen and already has, just like the 3DS.

They are both here to stay, so is the Wii U.

All these devices cost hundreds of millions to invest in.

They would all go bankrupt just abandoning them.

And yet people still write articles like this.

And it's the washington post so you know they are REALLY out of touch with reality.

I swear these "journalists" are delusional.

They down talk whatever company is against their buddies company or they own stock in one so they bash the other.

Keep politics out of games buddy.

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yewles12774d ago

Wait, WHICH Washington is this? Why do I feel like I suddenly stepped into Redmond ?...

ABeastNamedTariq2774d ago

I'm pretty excited to get a Vita now. And VTV. I'd love to be able to play my PS4 while I'm away.

miyamoto2774d ago

a PS2 HDTV adapter costs around $64 dollars if PSVita TV sells at $75 here in NA its gonna be a steal

Gazondaily2774d ago

The VITA is only beginning to really get into its stride now. If Sony keep pushing it like they are now, it will become a must-have peripheral to accompany the PS4 as well as abeing a great stand-alone handheld.

Why on Earth should Sony stop VITA from 'happening' when its only just begun to pick momentum?

The VITA is a incredible bit of kit and we are only now beginning to see its potential realised. Anyone who can't see that is just completely short-sighted in my opinion.

ravinash2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

VITA was basically designed a long side PS4, so it really should be coming to it's own now.
Now that it has all these tie in services with the PS4, I'll be thinking twice now on getting one.

porkChop2774d ago

Sorry to burst your bubble, Washington Post, but the Vita already HAS been happening. Slowly, sure, but it's by no means a failure in any way.

Protagonist2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

Newspaper opinions on gaming and its devices is always a waste of time.