Joystiq Impressions: Boom Blox

In Joystiq's previous coverage of Boom Blox, they highlighted the basic way you toss baseballs, bowling balls, and other objects at the blocks. But this casual game has even more game modes that have gotten less coverage. They sampled some of the lesser-know variants at the Nintendo Media Summit.

The game's adventure mode introduces other mechanics. Players move through successive levels, trying to initially knock down structures with as few throws as possible. But following levels give gamers unlimited baseballs to toss at a pack of bears, for example; these cranky creatures try to amble off with your gem blocks, and you have to knock them down. Another change on later levels forces you to protect an advancing group of sheep. Monkeys throw items from their own block-built castle, and you need to knock them all down before the sheep are wiped out.

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nintendostar3930d ago

just don't see how this game will be any fun
atleast it will make the wii the first counsole to incorperate head tracking