Gamer 2.0: Motorstorm 2 First Look

Last year's Motorstorm title for the Playstation 3 was a bigger success than most gamers wanted to believe. While the game lacked depth and offline multiplayer, it still remains as the PS3's top-selling title, a benchmark that prompted Sony to purchase developer Evolution Studios.

Now under Sony's grip, Evolution Studios hopes to make Motorstorm 2 everything fans wanted from the first and much more. With a new backdrop, exciting new vehicles, and a truly engaging racing experience, Motorstorm 2 could turn out to be the epitome of off-road racing titles for years to come.

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pharmd3841d ago

cant wait for the split screen

fenderputty3841d ago

it lacked a split screen quick game though. It also lacked custom sound tracks. Both of which seem to be getting fixed. The second should have more customization too.

What the first one did right was done REALLY REALLY right though. The gameplay was some of the most intense driving I've ever had in a game. I can't count the time I shouted "OMG WTF .... Holy Hell ... Did you see that! That car just blew up and flipped over mine!"

Just give me some split screen and bring on the madness again.

Arkham3841d ago

"First Look": Hardly. It's an aggregation of what little is known.

Say "First Look" when there's something of the game to actually look at.

Grown Folks Talk3841d ago

I'm sure you didn't know there were going to be vehicles & tracks in the game. = }

Arkham3840d ago

Ha! Imagine that.

I wonder if this will include such features as steering, a button to slow down the vehicles and yet another to make them go faster.

If you ask me, those are things that are absolutely required for this sequel to have any chance of succeeding.But, I guess we'll just have to wait for the "reviews".

UnblessedSoul3841d ago

People was doing the first look crap for resistance 2 as well when all they do is repeat the same stuff we already know

Garrison3841d ago

Even thou I was completely excited and crazy to have it. It's a good game that just had to little to offer. Very low number of tracks, which most seemed to resemble each other too much. Online Cheaters and no split screen in a racing game? Criminal.

The sixasix controls where phenomenal thou, even if they really weren't an option if you wanted to be competitive online.

Blackcanary3841d ago

I'm gonna buy this when it comes out i just hope it has Custom sound tracking just like the new Star Dust HD add on pack that allows you to do Custom sound tracking which lets you play music from your hard drive in the game. so i think thats called in game Music.

Kleptic3841d ago have said that under 5 aricles already....SSHD already had custom soundtracks since it don't need the update to enjoy it...

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