Eurogamer: Grand Theft Auto IV First Impressions

Grand Theft Auto IV's 29th April arrival on PS3 and 360 has been widely, not to mention voluminously heralded as the defining moment of this generation of consoles. Cruising around Liberty City in high definition on the biggest LCD television in the world, you can easily tell why: where Vice City and San Andreas were only able to extrapolate from the GTA III base - albeit to record-breaking effect - getting to know GTA IV is a steady sequence of pleasant surprises and sensible reconfigurations.

Liberty City may be, to borrow from the game's amusing website, "where the American Dream comes to die", but it's also where the Grand Theft Auto series has come to be reborn.

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THC CELL3841d ago

i have never liked Eurogamers site But that was a good read

SUP3R3841d ago

Site not loading for me.

bob8333841d ago

How is it possible that 10 days before the worldwide release there is still not any ingame video...................... That's killing me...

chaosatom3333840d ago

"Our favourite physics gag, though, is the simplest: walking up the steps outside a municipal building, and shoving a man backward so he tumbles down the stairs. Old-school GTA was crying out for new-school physics, of course, not least in the stunt jumps that are once again sprinkled subtly around the city."