MTV Multiplayer: Hands-On With BioWare's Suprisingly Dark: 'Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood'

MTV Multiplayer Blog writes: "I still don't know what to think about BioWare's attempt to re-legitimize Sega's blue creature. Sonic has struggled for relevancy in a post-"Sonic Adventure" world, and while I'm more than confident in BioWare's ability to make an RPG, the game is so…dark.

It didn't work for "Shadow the Hedgehog," of which I played a good amount. At Nintendo's Media Summit late last week, however, I spent a little more than 15 minutes checking out - and playing - early bits from "Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood."

While the characters are rendered in 3D, the environments are made up of sprawling, beautiful bits of hand-drawn artwork. I'm told the BioWare offices are filled with gigantic versions of these Sonic worlds. I recommend they release some as desktop wallpapers."

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PS360WII3865d ago

Well enemies are visable at all times but at least it'll still bring you into a fighting engine and it'll even have a dialog tree. Not bad not bad at all