Joystiq impressions: Wii Fit mini-games

Joystiq writes: "Sure, Wii Fit is about health and lifestyle, but I'm looking forward to the games; I sampled some of the lesser-known modes at the recent Nintendo Media Summit. We've already played with the hula-hoop, soccer, ski-jump, and other basics, so I jumped straight to tightrope walking, floating in a bubble, and other later unlockables. But first, I warmed up with jogging.

Jogging: One or two players can jog together by stepping off the balance board and sticking a Wiimote in a pocket. I trotted in place while my Mii avatar ran through a sparkling park. Easter eggs and strange events amused me, such as a pack of dogs running straight at -- and past -- me and a hidden, 8-bit Mario graffiti tag. But I decided to phone it in later, shaking the Remote like I was playing Samba. The Nintendo representative and a few onlookers scolded me, but I raced on."

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