IGN: Guitar Hero: On Tour First Look

IGN writes: "Just a few short weeks ago Activision revealed that, with the help of development studio Vicarious Visions, it will be producing an exclusive rendition of its Guitar Hero series for the Nintendo DS. Titled Guitar Hero: On Tour, this portable game will – the companies promise -- look, sound, and play just like the versions of the game for the home console. A version of Guitar Hero: On Tour made its first public appearance at the Nintendo Media Summit in San Francisco this week. Although Activision only let people watch and not let them play the version, we could easily see how the Nintendo DS version could match the fun of the console game.

Vicarious Visions' CEO Karthik Bala took to the podium to show off its near final version of Guitar Hero: On Tour and talked about all of its features. Like, how every copy of the game will include the Guitar Grip peripheral, a device that plugs into the cartridge slot of the Nintendo DS system (both DS and DS Lite systems are supported through detatchable adapters included with the kit). The Guitar Grip will also have removeable "faceplates," or rather, a replaceable paper sleeve to give owners the ability to customize the entire look of their peripheral. The Guitar Grip comes with a Stylus Pick that's stored within the unit."

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