Direct Feed Footage from Level-5 RPG Wonder Flick

"New direct-feed gameplay footage from Level-5's new cross-platform RPG have emerged from the studio's recent Vision event."

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ABeastNamedTariq3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

I'm soooo excited for this! Looks like it's gonna be great.

The touchpad on the PS4 is going to be out to good use for this.

Plus, you can play it on your phone!

itBourne3428d ago

My heart was instantly crushed when they showed this = (. I was like oh level 5 on ps4, MAYBE its a Dark Cloud or Rogue Galaxy sequel. Figured it wasnt, but I was ok with it, cuz I figured yah its probably a Ni No Kuni sequel, so still sweet. Nope not that either... instead a game originally designed for the mobile market.

Mr_Danski3428d ago

Wow, This does look good.

Second that to looking forward to this on PS4.

abusador3428d ago

Gameplay reminds me so much of ni no, im sold.

Salooh3428d ago

I for one sick of wairing for dark cloud . No support from me. I only bought Ni no kuni with a letter to the developers that i supported them for a sequel. But they didn't listen so i'm not buying any game they make until they make dark cloud 3 or at least a HD collection for the vita and ps4.

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itBourne3428d ago

I would also be happy with an hd port of the first 2 Dark Cloud games omg, I would sink 100s of hours into them again. I still stand by my opinion, Dark Cloud 2 was the best rpg ever made <3

fsfsxii3428d ago

I won't buy any game from Sony because i gave them all my money to make TLG. And it didn't happen.
Nice logic.

Blackcanary3428d ago

this is one game i won't be getting. this is nothing like ni no kuni.

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