Hooked Gamers: Final Fantasy Tactics A2 Preview

Just as in Advance, Tactics A2 starts when a schoolboy named Luso opens the World of Ivalice via the Grimoire, a half-written book containing pictures of the kingdom. Once in Ivalice, he meets up with Cid and agrees to join his clan. Not overly worried about getting home, Luso decides to help the clan see Ivalice in its entirety before finding a way back into his own world.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2 plays like any other SRPG, giving you control of multiple units across a grid-based board. Your units, as well as your enemies, take turns moving around the board and attacking or using special moves such as magic. The battles take place in bite-sized missions. Mission objectives range from defeating all enemies to beating a certain boss character to stopping enemies from advancing. With over 400 unique missions, there should be enough variety to keep things fresh for a long time to come.

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PS360WII3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

I wonder if it opens up with a snowball fight like the last one ^^ but dang 400 missions?! That should do ;)