Apple and Sony Settle with Japanese Battery burn victims

Remember that Japanese couple who sued Apple and Sony over one of those famous burning batteries? Well it looks like the companies have decided to settle, and will pay the fire-damaged pair a total of ¥1.3 million (or around $13,000). Of course, this is a bit less than the absurdly low $16,700 the two were asking, but percentage-wise they didn't make out too badly.

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TriggerHappy3863d ago

Good to see them wanna clean up for that little incident.

Tempist3863d ago

Wow that's one deadly battery accident. Good to see it's been adequately resolved as well.

GiantEnemyCrab3863d ago

Wow I thought that was impossible. But I guess this really isn't a big deal or anything you could just potentially catch on fire and blow up.

Obama3863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

MS did not even compensate for the family that has its baby killed by the xbox during a fire.

At least the battery did not kill anyone.

GiantEnemyCrab3863d ago

MS recalled the XBox power cable months before this death occured. They stepped up and got in front of it, it is not MS's fault if the family didn't bother to do anything about it. Unlike Sony which took one or two actually blowing up in a persons face to do anything.

Don't try and pull that dodgy business you do in politics and try to deflect the issue/topic at hand.

meepmoopmeep3863d ago

glad my MBP doesn't have that issue. but the bottom gets extremely hot though. i'm surprised it was settled for so less. i would have though they would have to pay millions.

wageslave3863d ago

If this had happened in the USA, it would have been a much bigger pay out.

The sizes of compensation are enourmous here, and IMO, not justified. But it does seem like they got off very easy.

Lionsguard3863d ago

It's Japanese people after all had this been in America the people would of sued for 50million claiming for head injury, post traumatic stress, neck strain, and every other possible laundry list of absurd claims just to squeeze as much money as they can.

dexterwang3863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

Agreed... people in America sue for an OUTrageous amount of underserving money. Sadly a lot of judges grant them too... nuturing a whole legion of blood sucking lawyers...

Glad to see the victims settling for a realistic amount of money (almost a bit too low IMO).

Bladestar3863d ago

I agree that lots of people in the US may sue... many of them get mixup with those that really deserve it...

The article mentions that someone got hurt... I'm not sure how much... but in some cases people do get hurt... and companies responsible get away with it.... imagine you are involve in an accident and both of your hands are gone... because of a company not testing one of their products right... forget playing games... who's going to wipe your @$$? Well... most law sues are not bogus... sometimes someone gets money when they shouldn't... sometimes companies don't pay when they should... so, saying "people in America sue for an OUTrageous amount of underserving money"... well.. it's easy to put a price tag on someone else suffering and missing parts... than your own...

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