VG247: New Playstation Store impressions

VG247's impressions of the new PS Store now Firmware 2.30's been released:

"The first thing you notice is how lightning quick it is to log on to the new Store. No sooner has one of your five thumbs depressed the X button, the new interface appears with a huge banner on the left of the screen and 20 squares on the right detailing type of content, genre, and so on.

However, in stark contrast to the initial log-in, the squares themselves do take some time to fill up with little diagrams of a sportsman running which symbolises, you guessed it, sports games, a chequered flag for racing and so forth.

Just in case you don't know what an action or shooter game is, after you select an image the left half of the screen gives you some detailed information, such as the fact an FPS game means you shoot stuff and a Racer means you drive a car."

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Blackcanary3840d ago

People need to stop finding reviews about the store now they all say the same thing.

Lets play a game how many times has sony stuffed europe in the back now.

I think its 5.

what do you think?

BrianC62343840d ago

The people writing their opinions on the new store need to give Sony a break. Of course things will be slow at first. If everyone is downloading the new software and checking out the store things will be slow. Once everything has been going a while I'm sure the performance will improve a lot. I'm not even going to bother with opinions on it. It's the new store. It isn't a game. I had no problem with the old store but I'm sure the new one will be fine too. I don't spend that much time on it most of the time.

Blackcanary3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

Give sony a brake when is Sony and SCEE gonna give Europe a brake all they keep doing is screwing us and they screwed us big time with the Europe PS store.

PimpHandHappy3840d ago

it will make it much easier when you consider how much bigger the store will become over the next couple of years..

i think its a job well done


Blackcanary3840d ago

you don't have a UK PS store do you?
If you had notice sony have screwed the uk by giveing us the dumb down version of the USA store it sucks like hell.

BrianC62343840d ago

Sony didn't screw you. SCEE might have. I saw something about the SCEE store and how the categories stink. Don't blame the parent company of Sony though. That's a territorial issue. SCEA seems to know what they're doing. SCEE doesn't. Maybe Sony should just put SCEA in charge of everything they do. SCEA has to hear from all the Europeans on their blog anyway. I don't think the people running SCEE know what European gamers want.

thor3840d ago

Think about it this way: SCEA seems to value its customers and sets up an official blog to talk to them etc. SCEE seems to have business interests at heart. They probably don't employ many people to do the store in EU, but that's fine because they're selling enough consoles anyway and people won't generally factor downloadable games into a console purchase.

I don't know why SCEE won't listen to its customers and screws them over compared to SCEA. For some things like game localisation you can put it down to laziness or understaffing but for the store there is no excuse.

DailyAddict3840d ago

So the guy is complaining about slow loading the morning of the release and DURING the upload for the store in the first place. Are people really this stupid?

Mr Blings3840d ago

besides from the demos tab, every one i hit the thumbnails took about 30 seconds to load fully. kind of strange since the demo tab had the most thumbnails to bring up.
Overall thoughts... its the same store, which is a little bit more fluid. Still doesnt even compare with Live in terms of what is offered.
In the end, its just a store for them to try and sell me stuff.

In game XMB please!

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The story is too old to be commented.