GamesRadar previews World of Goo

Brett Elston writes:

''With a name like "World of Goo" and a genre that rests somewhere around puzzle game/construction sim/physics lesson, it's perfectly normal to approach this fledging WiiWare title with reservations. However, our fears quickly melted away like the game's own oily black goo once we had a proper sit down and understood just how addicting linking inky blobs together could be.

The premise, like any good puzzle game, is simple - you need to guide a certain number of blobs across increasingly treacherous terrain. The catch (something else every good puzzler needs) is that the blobs have to stay connected like a giant matrix, so you have to literally build them across the stage. Grab one blob with the remote, move him outside the lattice yet still close enough to latch on the rest of his buddies and so on. Eventually you'll find a pipe that sucks up the goo and moves it to the next stage. Later you learn that the pipe connects to the World of Goo Corporation, a benign-yet-ominous overseer that uses the goo for drinks, cosmetics and, ahem, personal lubricants. Basically, a mix of Mom's Friendly Robot Company and Slurm of Futurama fame.''

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