Bionic Commando Rearmed, Rated M For Mature

Bionic Commando's side-scrolling revival, coming to the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Store, gets a Mature (M) rating from the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB). Bionic Commando Rearmed won't reach the wide audience it was originally intended for. M Rated downloadable games are the minority on the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Store.

Could this sabotage Capcom and developer GRIN's attempt at reviving the game for a new generation? Can Capcom make profit on the game that the community voted to go for $10 (rather than $15)?

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PS360WII3838d ago

Sweet deal I'm glad they didn't get rid of that one spot near the end just to avoid the M rating. That's the classic moment in the game and to get rid of it would of been sad.

What's with all the doom and gloom over this? I'm sure it'll still sell a boat load seeing they are making this remake for what they feel a lot of people played the original which came out long ago so most are of age to get M rated games. Also why cry that it's $10 not $15?!

Scarfy3838d ago

... has rating a video game "M" stopped it from selling?

If anything it means it will sell MORE.


Bazookajoe_833838d ago

Yes, There arent that many people thatcare about the rating system. People from 10 to > will be buying this game. I dont know how many they have to sell to make a profit, but i wouldnt be surprise if it sells 1,5 million maybe more over both consoles. Thats 15 million dollar, probably alot more than it cost to develop it. Especially if count in that you have no manufacturing cost since it´s a downloadable game..

solidt123838d ago

Im buying it the moment it is available for download. I saw a development video of this game and it looks great.

Evildoomnerd3838d ago

SPOILER ALERT: *NOW WITH NEW HI DEF EXPLODING HITLER HEAD ACTION!!* I've been looking forward to this game remake for years :)

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