Move over Drive Club? Forza Motorsport 5 preview (DailyMail)

It is the racing game set to send shivers down Drive Club's spine.
And with Forza Motorsport 5 boasting visuals like these, it’s not hard to see why.

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I just saw all 3 driving games at PAX. I watched them all very closely. To sit there and say one is killing the other it totally nitpicking. I mean the dash on F5 and DC didn't look as good as GT6. The outside of the cars were all very very good. The trees in DC looked very digital still in many shots driving by. Certain times the camera pans of F5's cars it goes from realism to cartoonish. You can see it very clearly. At the end of the day, GT6 looked the best over all with the least amount of visual notices. But again, it's kind of nitpicking when all 3 are done well. I made sure to watch them all!

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Yes ill be sure to trust you :) guy that says:

I swear Sony guys have the best personalities. They are very easy to relate to in real life. Where MS guys seem very stale, dry humor, total white collar nerd types.

ZBlacktt3665d ago

Take it for what it's worth as I own a lot of consoles. My statement about Sony's staff is just that. Zero to do with actually seeing these games in person for a long period of time. Which is better then 90% of you just sitting here guessing and watching YT videos. Which we all know YT videos do nothing justice.

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I take it you haven't watched any Major Nelson videos, B-radical?

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How can two completely different games be compared, Forza is a arcade-sim leaning heavily towards simulation, while Drive Club is a pure arcade racer in the same vain as the Need 4 Speed games.
It would be more beneficial to compare Forza to something like Gran Turismo 6 or even the up coming Project Cars, as these games are simulation heavy.

All this jorno has done is take a load of Turn 10 PR rubbish and splash it across this page, with out doing a bit of research.

Facts are this, Forza 5 has:
Static backgrounds
Pre-baked lighting
No day/night cycle
No varible weather conditions

Drive Club does all this and is (according to Evolution Studios) is nearing that magical 1080p@60fps.

"In comparison, the PS4 exclusive Drive Club looked remarkably last-gen - with muddy textures and the demo riddled with environmental 'pop up"

That is a total fanboy comment coming from a so called journalist.

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I only read there aiming for 60fps? Haven't heard there nearing it can you PM me a link to that cheers mate

SniperControl3665d ago

Just PM'd you with the article.

If any other Sony fans are interested.

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Nearing is better than not having day/night cycles. It's a whole dimension of racing missed out in Forza.

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This apply to all ps4 lineup.....they're aiming for 60 fps

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"All this jorno has done is take a load of Turn 10 PR rubbish and splash it across this page, with out doing a bit of research."

That is the Daily Mail in one sentence, they don't have a CLUE what they are talking about, don't bother to research or even spell check their articles, and are just outwardly racist and homophobic.

e.g. if a credible news source (e.g. BBC News) were to report on an influx of immigration it would be neutral and just state facts after research. The Daily Mail would splash it on the front page with something like 'DIRTY IMMIGRANTS ARE RUINING OUR COUNTRY, STEALING OUR CHILDREN AND RAPING OUR PETS!!'

and this is why people with even the slightest bit of sense don't bother to read it...

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I know this, the DM is a sleaze of a tabloid.

Thing is, the xboys are lapping it up as gospel.

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Yup, daily mail should not be allowed on N4G, its absolute tripe.

Here's an amazing song about it though :)

well, not exactly the daily mail, just tabloids in general, but the Daily Mail are bad enough they get name checked :)

Plus everyone likes Radiohead, right?!




That depresses me... maybe some radiohead will cheer me up!


thetruthx13664d ago

Driveclub doesn't look as good as Forza and they haven't reached 60 frames yet they said they are trying

The difference

GribbleGrunger3664d ago

I'm confused ... why are you trying to prove that Driveclub looks a lot better? Your first sentence suggests the opposite.

HammadTheBeast3664d ago


You pulled up a screenshot of a video of alpha code from Driveclub, and it still places well against a rendered screenshot from Forza 5.

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I was just going to say that, the Driveclub picture is from a video while the Forza 5 picture is rendered and not even from a gameplay and it doesn't even have the hud.

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@FlameHawk It is in game footage, if you actually saw the gameplay videos on Prague you'll see that this picture is actual gameplay. BTW you realize that you can turn off hud, I do it to maintain immersion.

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I've played both at Gamescom and Forza does look and play better.

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Dude DriveClub obviously looks better.Forza looks like Barbie and crayola.Any one that thinks DriveClub looks worst is just hating.

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Nitpicking much? You're comparing a shot with a lot of lighting to a shot with a not so sunny day. Even then, Driveclub still looks better.

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