You Can Farm from Your Couch With Farming Simulator 2013

The game Farming Simulator was once ironically beloved. Now gamers are ready to get serious, moving the action from their desks to the couch. Starting this week Farm Simulator 2013, previously only for PCs, will be is available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in Europe and Japan, with an American arrival expected soon.

Giants Software, a European-based developer, first released Farming Simulator in 2011, to surprise success. Surprising to some because the game is quite simply as advertised: it realistically simulates farming, without any of the typical thrills and action offered by modern-day video games. Users plant fields, harvest crops, care for and feed livestock.

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Iltapalanyymi3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )


but anyway jokes aside the farming simulator game in vita was pretty comfy game. I had pretty decent fun time with it.

cyguration3548d ago

That trailer for the game made it a GOTY... there's no way that The Last of Us or Grand Theft Auto V will be able to overcome those missile silos and the tractor turbo boosts.

Imalwaysright3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

Don't know why you're being sarcastic!?! After seeing that trailer there is NO doubt in my mind that this will be Goty. I mean, just check out that chicken's AI. I dare Rockstar and ND to do better that that!! Go take your sarcasm elsewhere troll, we don't need you here!

XB1_PS43548d ago

@Imalway No, really I don't know why you're mocking him sarcastically. You make it sound like you don't believe this can be the GOTY.. To me that's awful. This is the absolute best game ever created. The devs should be crowned as kings.

Imalwaysright3548d ago

Dude don't worry this will be GOTM (game of the millenium)!! I know this because my name is Potter... Harry Potter and I have a crystal ball!!

You will be rewarded for the faith and passion you've shown for this game with endless hours of what makes it great: boredom!! Aleluya!!