PS Vita TV, Sony's smartest piece of tech in years

We are given a better explanation on what exactly the Vita TV is and how it'll benefit you.

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miyamoto3930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

So we have a new next gen HOME console coming out this year?

The PS Vita TV.

I love gaming on the big screen but...

I still think PS Vita with mini HDMI out is the best thing Sony should have done besides the PS Vita TV. Like my PSP 3000 has A/V out and it can connect to any TV.

And I don't wanna have to buy nor carry a Dual Shock 3!

Can I use a PS Vita or DualShock 4 as controller for PS Vita TV?

PS vita is supposed to be a console, controller, screen all- in-one solution like the PSP 3000.

Throw in the 720p or 1080i HDMI display output and media streaming tech and you have one helluva portable gaming machine with the redesigned PS Vita!

Should I wait for PS Vita 3000, Sony?

mewhy323930d ago

This is a great idea. Another trump by Sony. Being able to second screen to another tv for the PS4 is a really really good idea. I'm sure that it won't be long until the mongers at micro$oft copy this idea. But you'll have to have an xbone live gold account to use it LOL.

darthv723930d ago

It reminds me of the PSP GO in a way because it can plug into a TV and use a DS3 (like the GO).

And it also reminds me of the prototype UMD drive sony was working on before they came out with the PSP 2000/3000. That was supposed to be a USB device that you plug into the PS2 to play PSP games on a tv.

It may not be a fully revised Vita with tv out but it is still and neat idea.

miyamoto3930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

Look at my disagrees!
People we need discussions not angry disagrees, LOL! Man up abit.


PS Vita TV Adapter...
PS Vita TV Adapter...
PS Vita TV Adapter with extras in it...

is a nice way to look at this whole bloody thing.

I will now let it sink in a bit in my head.

Now it makes sense to me.

Even if the small form factor is aimed at Japanese gamers I really hope its around $75 to $80 in NA.

Bye Bye Ouya!

ShwankyShpanky3930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

And your post was a "reply" to miyamoto in what way exactly? Oh, it wasn't. It was just riding coattails on the first post. Lame.

TotalHitman3930d ago

I love this idea. No PS3/4 or Vita is needed. Buy PlayStation Vita TV, buy some Vita games and your set to play Vita games on a TV. This could be big if Sony market the product right.

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iamnsuperman3930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

The only issue with that is price. Price is still a big problem for the masses and Sony needs to sell more systems so companies like Ubisoft and EA will develop more games for it (as well as indies) building up the library so more people buy the Vita.

This is smart as it is a very low entry price for people wanting a media system. It combats like likes of Apple TV and Chromecast as it offers big games too. Combine that with the relatively low entry price means people who are not ready or sure to pick up a next generation system could pick up this as games are being made (quite regularly) for it. It then gives people a taste of Vita games which means they could buy a Vita if they want to go more portable (more justified if they have a large library already which this device could offer).

Then you have the PS4 connectivity side of things which means people who don't buy a system immediately but get this as it is a low cost multimedia system would stick with playstation as it all connects together (big thing for consumers. Another tick in the box).

Sony's main mission is to get more people buying Vitas (as it isn't selling well) and this is what this does (like a trojan horse). Sticking a HDMI on a Vita doesn't change the fact people do not want to buy it. This device is all about the masses and keeping the masses with Playstation and Sony

black0o3930d ago

I was thinking the same thing, they wanna expanded the in-base for vita and they can't drop the price anymore for now

and also it support both DS3 and 4 which is win for console owners that luv to ply on big screan and can't stand handheld

and down the line when gaikai launches its gonna be another story

Maddens Raiders3930d ago

Warpath. Sony is on it. I haven't seen them this aggressive and hungry since the PS2 days. The potential for viral marketing due to the inherent capabilities of the Vita is simply brilliant.

dredgewalker3930d ago

The problem with adding hdmi output to a vita will probably add more cost to the unit itself. This is actually a very smart move by Sony. This might even serve as an introductory model to getting a vita handheld. For $100 you get a small console that adds additional functionality to your tv.

miyamoto3930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

This is why I love good discussions.
We see things from all angles.

PS Vita TV could sell at $75 to $80 in NA
New PS Vita could sell at $150 here in NA

not bad

i hope it supports Gaikai too

dredgewalker3930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

I respond politely to people who have genuine concerns and questions. To be honest I also wanted the hdmi output for the vita too since its always good to have that option. Maybe we'll get that feature in another revision.

Saigon3930d ago

I think why I like this so much is because Sony just told me that have more choices to game from anywhere. I don't have to purchase multiple PS4s; I can game on the go; I can game on vacation; I can game from anywhere in the house that has a TV and the device connected to it. I have to admit, at first I did not like this idea, but I am coming around to the possibilities...

kneon3930d ago


"i hope it supports Gaikai too"

I expect it will be a Gaikai client, it's likely that the technology they are using for streaming PS4 games is the same as Gaikai under the hood, it's just that they have substituted your PS4 in place of their servers.

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Dan_scruggs3930d ago

I'm not seeing the logic here. Sony Announces a new model of PS Vita and then announces and very good reason not to buy it. Also you wont even be able to play many of the games on your TV because the PS4 doesn't have the touchscreen capabilities of the Vita. This will make the Vita library even more limited for TV play.

dredgewalker3930d ago

Do your research please before spouting anymore nonsense. Most of the touchscreen capabilities are gonna be addressed by the dual shocks l3 and r3 buttons. Also the DS4 will be supported upon PS4 launch and that controller has a touchpad.

miyamoto3930d ago

hello DualShock 4 has a touch pad, mate. And DualShock 3 L3 and R3 buttons will compensate for touch functions like in dragon's crown Ps3 version.

all bases are covered. Sony ain't stupid you know.

Tapani3930d ago

Dualshock 4 has a touchpad and two extra triggers to cover the touchpad behind the ps vita. They cannot announce all those touch-based games now for PS Vita TV, because it's coming out only in Japan, and PS4 (read= dualshock 4) will be out in February there.

GraveLord3930d ago

These 2 new products are aimed at 2 different markets. If you like portable gaming, you won't buy this, you already have a Vita.

Conzul3930d ago

But can you mirror your Vita screen onto a larger TV screen? Methinks that is the question.
If not, then it's still the same market.

TimeSkipLuffy3930d ago

yes, it will be limited. Even the additional buttons on the vita won't compensate the touch functionality. Devs would have to create patches to replace the functions. But it will be great to play all the indi titles and psp\psone titles. Gaikai might add ps2 games as well. There you have a console with a vast library of games.

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GraveLord3930d ago

Are you stupid? You don't have to carry a Dualshock 3 or Vita TV. It's meant for TV USE.

The portable Vita with a screen will still continue to be sold.

nunley333930d ago

and you wouldn't be carrying a ps3 DS3 for vita tv,it's for home use.If your out and about,you would just use your vita like normal.

PSjesus3930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

Very well written from gamesraddar
this device well be essential for any gamer who travel alot,and ll make PS brand bigger than ever

OrangePowerz3930d ago

I kind of prefer the Vita TV over a redesigned Vita with HDMI out. It will be cheaper for me to buy the Vita TV over trading in my current Vita to get the new one because the trade in price at best would be probably 80 bucks

Jaqen_Hghar3930d ago

At Gamestop maybe. A man would recommend selling on Ebay.