1UP previews Boom Blox - Spielberg's Jenga killer actually delivers

Honestly, hardcore gamers have been a bit more skeptical of this deceptively simple block puzzler: At first glance, it looks, well...a lot like Jenga. And as Atari's disastrous Wii version of the classic board game proved, clumsily removing blocks from a virtual stack isn't very compelling. Steven Spielberg's take on Jenga assuredly feels better, as its surprisingly accurate Wii Remote controls and realistic physics make for enjoyable block-tumbling thrills without all the messy cleanup. And thankfully, Boom Blox aims to be far more than just another Jenga retread. Sure, it plays a modified version of that classic (you're tossing balls at the tower trying to knock pieces away), but by adding a cavalcade of over 20 unique block types with specific properties and a nifty in-game level editor, EA transforms this simple puzzler into a highly customizable toolkit with nearly limitless possibilities.

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