Live Playstation 4 Gameplay Footage of The Free To Play Title Warframe.

Bone-Idle.ie writes "Warframe will be joining the ever growing list of Free to Play titles coming to Playstation 4. Warframe is a third person Co-Op focussed action game that challenges players to release their inner ninja. With Sony’s next Gen console comes an impressive line of of top quality games that will be totally free to play. Yesterday we looked at WarThunder and today we take a look at Warframe another launch day F2P game that looks equally as good."

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BoneIdle3667d ago

Can't wait for launch day this looks sweet for a free to play game. Sony are on a roll the PS4 is going to be awesome.

MWong3666d ago

The game looks insane I can't wait to get my hands on it day 1 title for me.

mewhy323667d ago

PS4 having all these F2P games is awesome. I can't wait.

PoSTedUP3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

looks ok, hey its free tho. graphics are good and i like the shooting, just not a fan of all, That. what im trying to say is... Planet Side 2, that is all. cant wait even for the F2P games on PS4 lol, thats when you Know theyre doing Everything right.

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theWB273667d ago

Looks damned good but crap that is some ugly character design.

torchic3667d ago

they look really cool to me. they look (and sound) like Yoshimitsus with guns!

cannot complain about that! :)

theWB273667d ago

It definitely wouldn't be a distraction...they'd grow on me but right now...

Azfargh3667d ago

But they aren´t Yoshimitsus... thats the bad part...

RonRico3667d ago

I know right. The characters look kinda weird to be running around and gunning, but the gameplay looks smooth and fun.

FamilyGuy3667d ago

Oh god, you really have to say something negative in every PS4 article don't you?

The game looks good.

isarai3667d ago

At least it shows creativity, that's more than i can say about most games these days. I'd rather have something odd and creative than pleasing but average

BoneIdle3667d ago

Maybe ugly characters but not character design I think they look great. They are weird looking though I thought I saw one guy with a hammer head shark looking head !

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Iltapalanyymi3667d ago

Instantly reminded me of "Press x to jason"

Nicaragua3667d ago

It's like Vanquish and Ninja Gaiden had awesome sex

Drekken3667d ago

And gave their babies away for free...

Hazmat133667d ago

oh fiddlesticks, hop i could see some physx particle effects. oh game still looks like a blast to play. and well being free to play. makes that much better.