Too early to say if Resistance 2 will run at 1080p

Responding to questions on the official PlayStation Blog, Insomniac Games Community Relations Manager James Stevenson has refused to rule out the possibility of Resistance 2 running at 1080p video resolution and 60 frames per second.

"Way too early to say, this sort of thing happens around optimization," explained Stevenson.

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InMyOpinion5459d ago

To me 60 frames per second is more important than 1080p. Especially in FPS's and racing games.

LSDARBY5459d ago

Yeah but if they can get both then WOW.

anh_duong5459d ago (Edited 5459d ago )

agreed, effects and framerate better >> 1080p but if anyone can deliver all the aforementioned then insomniac can.. ps3 owes insomniac more than any other publisher

Tarasque5459d ago

60fps is not a big deal. What is a big is not allowing dropped frames. If you can get a constant 35-40 fps with no drops at all, i would be satisfied with that. I would rather have 40fps with 1080p than to have 60fps with 720p. But either way i will be happy =). Just as long as there isnt any drops in fps everything will be ok.

decapitator5459d ago

Jenzo beat me to it. I came here to say the exact same thing. More can be achieved at 720P with a solid 30FPS than the other.

masterg5459d ago

A game that never goes under 30fps @ 720p is perfect.
People seem to think 30fps is not good enough.
30 is all you need as long as it never drops, which a lot of games do, and therefor made people think 30fps is not enough.

fenderputty5459d ago

was a solid 30 FPS the whole game. It never dipped below that though. As long as they can do that again, I don't really care.

sonarus5459d ago

All i want is confirmation that trailer was real time. The way the shadows moved lead me to believe it is real time. Insomniac did say all their games after ratchet would run at 60fps and its probably something they will achieve, i don't really care for 1080p anyway. It will prob jst be upscaled

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killer_trap5459d ago (Edited 5459d ago )

well it's hard and only a few have managed 1080P at 60fps but i have faith in insomniac. and even if they didn't do it, i wouldn't be disappointed.

and please don't give the guy above me any second of your time and replay to his post.

edit: the guy above me with the first post ;-)

thereapersson5459d ago

Personally, 720p is fine so long as they max out what is happening on screen and if they are going for 720p, I think they should shoot for 60fps. I think it would be a good evolution considering how smooth R1 ran despite being locked steady at 30fps.

KingME5459d ago

The PS3 is touted as a 1080p machine. I feel that this title as with any title should be released at 1080p. If for no other reason, so that people with tvs that don't support 720p at least get to play the game at 1080i.

The previous version of this game blew people with non-720p TV off by not releasing a patch to fix this. I see it this way, I am not going out an buying a 2000 TV so that I can play a $60 game.

Especially when the game should be 1080p to start with.

BlackIceJoe5459d ago

If any one can get both 60FPS and 1080P on a game Insomniac can. I really would love to see them add these features to Resistance 2. They are not but would be a plus.

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