GTTV: Soul Calibur IV Exclusive Gameplay

The first-ever gameplay footage of Yoda and Vader in Soul Calibur IV.

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Feihc Retsam3836d ago

And in my opinion, Soul Calibur features one of the most balanced fighting experiences ever.
When the original came out on the Dreamcast, I was obsessed with it. I never got so much satisfaction out of playing a fighting game. The different character classes, weapons, and blocking system make this series very unique.

sonarus3836d ago

Yea the original was nice and all but imo the rest were just ok. Without yoda and darth vader this game blows. Darth vader is the cooler looking character but judging from my style of play in fighting games i think i want yoda. :( What a dilenma

Garrison3836d ago

I haven't been this excited to play soul calibur since the original on sega dreamcast which is one the best fighters ever created. The inclusion of online play against opponents alone is worth the price of admission. According to ign this game will be out in June and most likely be the best fighting game for a long time not to mention one of the top games to play online right next to MGS:O starting this summer.

Mwaan3836d ago

Hopefully both characters will be available on both systems through a download. That music was awesome too. I hope it's part of the soundtrack. I'm starting to come around to the whole star wars thing. Can't wait to make my own Jedi with character creation.

Ares843836d ago

I read somewhere that later on Yoda will be downloadable for the PS3 and Darth Vader will be downloadable for the 360.
Also I read that they plan on bringing in more characters from the Star Wars universe later on as DLC.
I hope we will get many Jedi's and many Sith Lords!!
I love Soul Calibur and Star Wars!

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