PS Vita 2000 - Exclusives pictures |'s French journalists went to Japan and took pictures of the differents colors of PS Vita 2000.

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Lboogieskells1963d ago

That White one with the yellow back is sexy!

svoulis1963d ago

Reminds me of a banana, AND I LOVE BANANAS


Bhuahahaha1963d ago

are you a minion from despicable me? ~jk

RumbleFish1963d ago

One of those will be mine when I go to Japan next year! :D

Elvfam5111963d ago

I wish they would bring it to the rest of the world. Love me some white vita.

0ut1awed1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

The only issue is the screen and that's a make or break for me. I recently switched my pc monitor from a standard tn lcd screen to a a PLS screen. The colors alone are represented so much better and vibrantly.

The OLED in the current Vita produces similar results. I can't imagine having to go back to LCD.

I was worried when I saw this titlw since I've only had my Vita for a week. Now I'm kind of relieved that I have the OLED screen instead.

nikrel1963d ago

This is a japan exclusive? This is comming to NA in 2014 right?

itBourne1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

Im sure the system will, but probably just in black. Japan always gets the cool shit, all kinds of ps3s have been released over there, none here.

boybato1963d ago

Good thing it ain't region locked, you dig. ;p

Raf1k11963d ago

I'm not sure if I want it over here as they've replaced the lovely OLED with an LCD. Anyone know if this has affected the image quality?

svoulis1963d ago

It will effect color and contrast ratios. So yes I am positive you will notice a difference. The OLED screen is amazingly bright and vibrant. This is an issue for me as I would feel like I was downgrading and not getting something better. I love my Vita, and I can't wait to mate it with my PS4 :D.

boybato1963d ago

Yup, i agree. Consideringbthat it sells at thevsame pricerange as the og vita... i think the trade off makes it more of a dowmgrade

Otoshigamisama1963d ago

you should stay with your OLED cause for me it is actually a downgrade from OLED to LCD, but thats just me for me my Luna's OLED screen is still the better than LCD!! :)

Raf1k11963d ago

I had a feeling it wouldn't be as good as the OLED. Since I don't have one yet I think I'll buy the original model instead of the new.

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DeletedAcc1963d ago

Well done sony
I gotta buy ps vita slim white cant wait to play deep down, infamous etc on ps vita whereever i want in HD on 5 inch display :)

Yodagamer1963d ago

I kinda wonder what the new screen is going to be like, but it sounds like a great way to bring in new people especially with the memory barrier out of the way at the initial purchase.

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