AU Store; 'I Got The Music In Me' - not any more you don't...

Whilst the 2.30 update has brought along a shiny new PlayStation Store that seems to be winning universal praise, it appears there is a downside if you're in Australia.

Not only do our antipodean friends have to deal with a version of GTA: IV that looks more like the Coke Side of Life, now we have discovered that something else is missing...

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yanikins1113930d ago

Yeah I was like WTF's going on....

Blackcanary3930d ago

Yeah right not in Europe if the stores in Europe were the style and had the same options instead of the Europe PS Store being slower and a dumb down version of the USA store then there would Praise coming from Europe.

sa_nick3930d ago

Eh, 95% of the music they had on the store sucked. Shannon Nole? WTF!

Jim Crowslaw3930d ago

whats wrong with their GTA?

Diugu3930d ago

... is to give a little love so it all comes back to you.

As opposed to going on a killing rampage... you get the picture.

DolphGB3930d ago

...and New Zealand too, they'll be getting an edited version of GTA: IV. When I say 'edited', I mean 'censored'.

Australia doesn't have an 18+ rating available in their legislation for games (unlike movies, magazines and other media), so all games must be rated lower than that or face being banned.

Garvani3930d ago

i didnt know about the cenorship of the new zealand release, thats not cool at all!!! time to cancel my preorder, how did we get shafted as well!!? its been rated R18 here, it can have all the violence it wants with that rating..

jkhan3930d ago

What the hell is wrong with these people. They sell us expensive games, expensive consoles, expensive accessories, cut down versions of games and now no more music:(
Tomorrow they will say alright Australia will play for PSN and HOME:'(

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