Introducing PS Vita...TV

Today in Tokyo, Sony introduced PS Vita TV. It is six centimeter by ten centimeter device, making it the smallest piece of PlayStation hardware

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M-M3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

Owned. Pretty much a Vita home console, and at $100. Should definitely get those Vita game sales up, now I don't know whether to get this or a Vita lol. Might get both =).

Agent Smith3436d ago

Playing Vita games on my tv <3

US8F3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

I guess the question was to combine both vita and PS4 in a bundle, and their answer was PS VITA TV. Always one step ahead Sony

awesomeperson3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

Looks like the perfect companion app for Vita + PS4.

Use Vita memory card to play Vita games on TV, stream PS4 games to second TV using device. Then there's always the Vita to Remote Play if you don't have a spare TV hanging around.

Would Dualshock 4 be compatible with Vita games, didn't quite get that from the conference. It seems like it would make sense, to make use of the touchpad?

Vitalogy3436d ago

Sony actually listened to consumers in this one, people were asking some sort of hdmi connection to play on tv and there you go. And it has full integration with ps4 which is awesome and the price isn't that bad.

TheFamous13436d ago

Imagine PS4 + PS Vita TV + PS Camera + 3-6 Months of PS+ for $499.

Cupid_Viper_33436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

Only Denzel and Kaz can explain how awesome this news is.

So now we know for sure that a PS4/Vita bundle for $500.00 is now a reality, and that's going to put a lot, and I mean a lot of pressure on competitors.

Now you have the ability to stream your PS4 onto another TV in the house. I don't mean start any flame wars, but isn't that a better feature and better value than what you get for $500.00 from the competition?

I mean 1300 games, Streaming both PS Vita and PS4?


pyramidshead3436d ago

I think there is at least a future sale for me on psvita at some point in time. I know that for sure now :P

FamilyGuy3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

Think about remote play with the Vita Tv, you can essentially leave your console at home and still take it with you on trips. Bring the vita tv to your relative house and still have access to your PS4 titles. Plug it in to their tv and play your PS4 games on a big tv without a the PS4 being there.

HDMI output too, what a great idea and somehow it miraculously wasn't leaked. Had no idea they would be showing this thing!

abzdine3436d ago

game changer.. now make that also compatible with DS4 just to kill it a bit more!
Greatness awaits

starchild3436d ago

Can the regular Vita be hooked up to a TV? I am planning to buy a Vita soon before all the OLED models are sold and part of the reason I want it is to stream games from my PS4 to the Vita to play them when I am away from my PS4.

But it would be nice if the regular Vita can also hook up to a TV. Is this possible?

SilentNegotiator3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

But wait a minute; no touch control. Almost the entire first generation of Vita games won't work for it. Not even KZ:M, unless they patch it.

This thing is going to have a rocky start with so few compatible games. But for $100, it should ultimately succeed if Sony handles this right.

darthv723436d ago

i was thinking sony would revise the vita with tv out like they revised the psp with tv out.

The front facing camera could have worked with the ps move controller for those games that used touch and control schemes.

It sort of reminds me of the UMD reader sony was working on back before the PSP 2000 came out. Sony was toying with the idea of a USB based UMD drive that would plug into the PS2 and let you play PSP games on TV.

They instead went with incorporating TV out on the 2000 and then 3000 and even the GO. Although, the GO really had dedicated support for a regular controller.

This is nice though. I can see it appealing to the vita gamers that arent as inclined to take their system on the go but rather play the games on a bigger screen.

Im sure the unit would upscale to at least 720p via hdmi.

J-R3436d ago

I have a Vita but this will be a great addition. The size of it looks very portable which means I can take it from one TV to another in my house or to the cottage for those rainy days.
This combined with PS4's remote play is very exciting.
I imagine this would also be a great option for gamers on a budget.

XB1_PS43436d ago

Why is it not compatible with the DS4? Does nobody else see that as bullshit?

ohiostatesman3436d ago

This device is ridiculous. It can't even play all Vita games. Only output is 720P. Fail. Its 150-200 dollars. Requires a memory card. Extra 100 dollars. It's just ridiculous.

Ritsujun3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

OSM's mad that he could only game on Xbosh360 and Xbone180, and he can't remote play the console in a different room without the actual console in it.
PSVITA TV has internal memory, for goat's sake.

Xbosh doesn't even have blls to release dedicated handheld console. Xbosh was focusing on TV stuff on the Xbone180 reveal, totally laughable.

turnerdc3436d ago

To be fair only has 1GB of internal memory which is hardly anything. To take full advantage of PSN and PSN+ you will need to buy a memory card.

RedDevils3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

This mean I don't have to buy Vita nice and play it on big screen. Super Awesome !

RedDevils3436d ago

If this bundle with PS4 BOOM! System seller

walkincarpet3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

I don't get the hype on this at all unless it serves as way to play PS4 multiplayer from one console. If that's the case then they just out innovated MS.

born2live3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

@turnerdc - I wonder... I see an HDMI output, a network connector, a 3rd thing I can't id, and... what possibly looks like a proprietary usb port! Now if it could support an external HD drive...the possibilities are endless!

DatNJDom813436d ago

whoever owned a PSPGo should have seen this coming. I owned one and new something like this was around the corner.

Kevin ButIer3436d ago

This product feels so smart in many ways... I've never been a fan of playing on the go... now I can play on my TV + remote play + other nice to have features... and the price is so sweet...

BattleAxe3435d ago

If this comes to Canada, then this will be the next Sony home console that I buy, since I'm not buying a PS4. I was disappointed about the Vita not having HDMI Out, but this pretty much fixes that dilemma. I wonder if PS3 streaming is somehow possible with this device, especially since remote play is already possible through PSP and Vita...

Benchm4rk3435d ago


Do you realize how ridiculous you sound saying Xbosh. Just saying.......

Ritsujun3435d ago

Says the guy with the Beeburrish username "Benchm4rk".

P0werVR3435d ago

I'll sum up all these posts together...



Benchm4rk3434d ago (Edited 3434d ago )

Haha and you propose Ritsujun is something special. Have a look around and many user names are quite unique or just downright weird. Mine has some meaning to it to me but I don't need to waste my time explaining that to the likes of a fanboy like yourself

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Blaze9293436d ago

well I guess this explains why we couldn't get HDMI out on the Vita. This is cool though - was contemplating getting a Vita but now, doesn't seem like I need to in order to play its games.

Raccoon3436d ago

Holy lama, a dream come true now i can play all day at work!!!!

ProA0073436d ago

Sony: Here is our new Vita!

1hr 30mins later

Sony: Here is our Vita killer!


Me: so confused

Cupid_Viper_33436d ago

@ ProA007

Nothing to be confused about buddy.

You can either get a Vita, or get get a

In all Seriousness you have the option to get a handheld Vita. Or get one for you TV/console style, for half the price at $100.00.

A lot of people wanted a HDMI OUT on their Vita and this is the answer. Thouhg Sony added streaming capabilities to it, and made it compatible with the PS4. Now you can use your PS4 on a TV that it's not even hooked up to by streaming the content using the Vita TV.

I Hope that cleared it up for ya. :)

beebap3436d ago

It can't support touch etc vita games as use ds3 or ds4 so still need vita but love them to support vita as controller to play them vita games on big screen.

iamnsuperman3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )


I can see the confusion but I think Sony are using the games as a Trojan horse for the Vita. Software is where the money is made and it might encourage people to want to spend more to play the Vita games on the go. Then add remote play for the PS4 and this little device does a lot for the Vita and PS4. It is cheap as well which will help. It seems this device is adding a lot more for the Vita and the PS4 which would put serious pressure on their competitors (only if the release date for the other regions is sooner rather than later and advertise the hell out of it)

RedDevils3436d ago

ProA007 It's nothing confusing, just accept that you're slow lmao

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ErcsYou3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

PS4 down stairs, PS vita TV up stairs= PS4 in both rooms. I like it. Im also happy there was no Dub Step played during this presentation. Also giving props to Andrew House for speaking Japanese.

dragon823436d ago

That is the biggest news about this new product. Being able to play your PS4 an any additional tv in your house without moving it as long as you have a VitaTV hooked up to it. That is a KILLER feature if you ask me. I would gladly pay $100 for that.

brave27heart3435d ago

Not being funny, but why would I simply not just move my PS4 upstairs if I wanted to play it on a different TV and save the $100? Im really not that lazy.

You've also just given devs a reason not to make use of touch screen or motion controls on their Vita games so they can be compatible with Vita TV, negating some of Vitas selling features.

Use streaming content like Hulu and play PS one classics? Like a PS3 then?

I really can only see the point of this if you dont have a Vita and want to play Vita games. Maybe its more to get devs to make Vita games and try to boost the library, but its not a device thats a necessary consumer product. It doesnt provide anything you cant get either from a PS3, a Vita or by simply unplugging and moving a console. For $100 thats just not enough and essentially destroys Vita sales.

ErcsYou3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

I guess i could just disconnect my Ps4 every night and finish gaming in my bed and then just disconnect it in the morning and take it down stairs. Twice a day makes that 730 times a year or 4380 times over the next 6 years. Why risk dropping it. MY reasoning behind it was the thought of me playing down stairs when the kids say " we want to watch a movie". no problem, pause my game, switch the video input, walk up stairs, turn my TV on and continue my game. I dont want to have to turn off my system, disconnect all the wires, take it up stairs, reconnect every thing and start my game again. I would gladly pay $100 to never have to move my PS4. i like the convenience of the PSVTV

black0o3436d ago

down the line when Gaikai launches on PSvita imagine having all ps3/2.. titles available in that little box

starchild3436d ago

That's a pretty cool thing to think about.

FamilyGuy3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

Not only is it a Vita player for the big screen, if used to stream a PS4 game you basically have Dual screen output as in watching a PS4 play on two tvs at the same time. Can let you continuing playing your PS4 games on your bedroom tv without having to lug your PS4 out of the living room.

Only thing odd about it is it working with DS3 controllers instead of DS4, Vita games touch screen and rear touch pad can't be used.

Other than that I've actually been wanting something like this as I want to play games like Monster Hunter and Soul Sacrifice on a large screen rather than the Vitas. At $100 it's something I'll definitely be doing.

Another thing to note, with this secondary device adding to the Vitas install base with its sales we should see more developer support for the Vita. It's basically a $100 Vita Console.

Highlight of the show, obviously that thing they were claiming would be a big deal.

Cupid_Viper_33436d ago

From the commercial, it clearly demonstrate that it's compatible with the DS4. Go watch it again and you'll see the DS4 clear as day :)

rainslacker3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

This was a huge announcement. I was expecting a big unexpected game, but wow. A new-ish hardware announcement on the eve of a next gen console release is pretty big.

It's obviously going to sell at that price.

I think they stuck with DS3 to keep the cost down, as the DS4 is more expensive for them to make.

I agree wholeheartedly though that there are some Vita games I would love to play on the big screen while at home, and if I can use a more comfortable controller while doing it this thing will be mine.:)

Kudo's to all the real gamers out there who had to stay up in the wee hours of the morning to watch the conference, and those in parts of the world with a better time zone than mine. I'm sure more of the trolls will come out when they wake up.:)


I can understand the DS3 controller. What I don't really understand is how can they sell it with no controller at all? I mean, if I understood it right (and if not, I'm sorry, it's almost freaking 6am here) the cheaper version (roughly 100 bucks) comes only with the "console", no controller. While the 150 bucks version come with a Dual Shock 3 and a 8GB Memory Card.

So, let's say you buy the cheap version. You take it home, set it up, turn it on, put on a game... And stare at it hoping you can control it with your f'ing mind?

I actually don't think I got it right, must have missed something... Or else it would be the first I see a console come with no controller at all on the box... Anyway, let's hope for TGS to hear more on it. I wonder if it supports more than one controller.

rainslacker3436d ago


Here's a press release from Sony that has the details

A controller will be necessary, but looks like you can get the all in one version, or a cheaper version where you can use your existing or cheap 2nd hand controller. There is also a couple USB connectors so it's possible you could use wired controllers which are pretty cheap, although less convenient IMO.

The value pack is probably the best way to go if you don't own any PS3 hardware to take parts off of. otherwise you could get a DS3 controller pretty cheap used.

It does have 1GB of memory built in, so a memory card isn't really necessary, although 1GB won't go far if you start getting digital content.

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3436d ago
jujubee883436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

Seeing as how I already have a VITA, I'm going for VITA TV and I might skip VITA 2k.

The VITA I have will let me play remote-play while I'm talking a crap, while the VITA TV will let me play in my room when the gf wants to watch tella novellas.

Win win!

cloud03813436d ago

its really not a 100 bucks u still need a ps4 to stream games plus ur really gonna buy it for play vita games on ur tv without a vita thats not helping the vita plus vita game were design for the vita screen blowing it up on a 50 inch tv or higher would make it look ugly

boybato3436d ago

Kinda like playing 3ds games. Lol

TomShoe3436d ago

Sony! Lay off the winning so much please. You're starting to embarrass the competition.

TomShoe3436d ago

It's basically a $100 Vita!

Sony, I'd kiss you if you weren't a multinational corporation.

kenshiro1003436d ago

I may get this because I'm planning to get a Vita soon. New job ftw! :3

MotoDot3436d ago

Throwing wallet violently at the screen after seeing this

GraveLord3436d ago

This is perfect for the West where portable gaming isn't as popular as it is in Japan. It's also a great alternative to the Roku or Apple TV.

Ryto3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

First thing I thought too.

I have a roku here but you can't change the DNS settings so I'm stuck with UK netflix... With this I could get USA Netflix wooooo!

assdan3436d ago

I can honestly say I didn't see this coming at all, but it's not a bad idea at all. Get some really good games for a low price, and it introduces a very strong competitor to OUYA. I would personally rather a vita, but I could see why someone would go for this. What would be really awesome is if they made the Vita TV work with the DS4.

joeorc3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )


no worries

Dualshock 4 will be supported in a future firmware update.

The reason is quite simple, because this comes out before the PS4.

mcstorm3436d ago

I think its a good idea but I don't see it being a big seller. Could be wrong but I just don't see it selling that well. Like I said though great idea.

smoothdude3436d ago

This will outsell the Wii U and the Xbone. I am picking one up day one!!

mcstorm3435d ago

@smoothdude So its going to out sell the PSV as well? come one that's not going to happen. Its a great idea but like the PSV its only aimed at Selective audience. Its a great little idea but your getting a little carried away with that statement.

Underworld3436d ago

This is what I don't get and am worried about. Could this not end up hurting the Vita and its sales? I just bought a Vita recently and I love it. But aren't a lot of people just gonna buy this now, as its cheaper? I hope not.

And why call it PS VITA TV, when it can stream PS4 games too? Why not call it something that incorporates that.

I think it's cool, just a little worried.

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Kingthrash3603436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

game over. holy sh*t. sony that was a real surprise....still stunned....they completed the circle...hat tipped so far it hit the floor next to my jaw. better than apple tv imo!

Protagonist3436d ago

It was kinda stunning...I was like huh??? wow that thing looks great. Though took me a couple of seconds to figure out what I was watching!

Kingthrash3603436d ago

me too! this was totally under the radar for me! sony is killin it right now!
i accidentally woke my girl up i said "holy shit" so

rainslacker3436d ago

Love it for the remote play on another TV...not sure about Vita's touch implementations though.

Thisisjuju3436d ago

I never thought about that. So this would basically allow you to have another PS4 through the remote play.

100% getting one of these.