Soul Sacrifice Delta Announced for PS Vita

Soul Sacrifice is one of PS Vita’s most promising titles so far in 2013; we certainly liked it. It’s a Monster Hunter-like game from Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune, and as you may remember in an interview with IGN, he revealed that a sequel to the game was likely.

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AceBlazer133436d ago

Hopefully these games get localised

snitch_puck3436d ago

I'm about 95% sure that both Phantasy Star Nova and Soul Sacrifice Delta will be localised. Both are promising titles in the west imo. And maybe even Yakuza Ishin.

NewMonday3436d ago

Sony have a new 3rd party production team, localisation is one of their jobs, hopefully all the Japan goodness will come over fast this time.

Kingthrash3603436d ago

pso 2 localize these!

Hanso3436d ago

wow loved Soul Sacrifice and i usually hate MH type games
Cant wait for this!!

r213436d ago

Odd but guess Ill be jumping back into SS again :)

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