Vita Getting 64GB Memory Card in Japan

During its Japanese press briefing today, Sony announced a new 64GB memory card coming to Japan on October 10th.

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Kingthrash3603436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

100 bucks! shi*!
3 most important words.

abzdine3436d ago

they should have made the new vita with normal micro SD cards cause this is ridiculously expensive. Digital games are way too big, i wonder if that's on purpose.

thereapersson3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

I can't remember why they chose this medium, but I am quite sure it has something to do with piracy. I know Sony tends to do a lot of proprietary stuff with their products but they have actually been relatively open regarding their hardware and, until recently, their software (Other OS, until hackers ruined it). At least on the hardware side of things you have user-upgradable hard drives, so large-scale storage (internally) is quite affordable.

I agree that Sony should do what most mobile devices do, which is support MicroSD. That, or at least drop the price of their proprietary storage medium. The latter is more likely, and considering the relative nature of this product regarding price, Sony finally offering more storage for less money per gigabyte is at least a start.

Army_of_Darkness3436d ago

So it's gonna cost me $300 for a 64gb vita huh? Need to think about this....


It's not just piracy.

Every game on Vita is available online day 1, which means it's not a retailer friendly hardware. The cards are proprietary and sold at bigger profit margin to make up for specialized retailers not selling as many games (otherwise they would reduce stocks and reduce support, eventually cuttint down sales). This is the same reason PSPGo costed more than a common PSP despite being cheaper to make (with no UMD drive parts), retailers demanded to get a bigger profit margin or wouldn't carry it at all.

Other reason is that MicroSD reading speed would compromise performance. This can be solved through high speed Micro SD cards (which are also cheaper than Vita Memory Cards and just as fast), but unfortunately they go in standard MicroSD port (that accept low speed cards too), which means there would be no way to ensure people would use the right ones and with games coded for certain speed it could simply not work when someone confuses 'em (sure, they could just had made it clear on the box and manuals, but confusion would still happen and it wouldn't help with retailers or piracy).

Now, I'm not saying the price on Vita Memory Card is good, I don't even think it's ok... Just pointing out what's behind the decision for a proprietary format. I actually think it's the right decision to go proprietary in this case, but could be done with a better price, games are still available at retailer afterall.

-Ghost3436d ago

This one will be priced 100$ in the US

LOGICWINS3436d ago

Considering that the 32GB was $100 less than a month ago, $100 for a 64GB aint bad at all.

LOGICWINS3436d ago

And that means that the 32GB will drop to 50 bucks respectively :)

PoSTedUP3436d ago

was thinking the same. good thing i held off untill now! :)

SniperControl3436d ago

The 32GB has already dropped to £40 in the UK, ordered mine from amazon yesterday!
(Sorry not sure how that translates into dollars)

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showtimefolks3436d ago

Yeh no doubt 64 GB for $100 is a good deal In a way when we consider than we paid that for 32GB

Otoshigamisama3436d ago

My Dream Came true!! :) now I'm definitely buying this one,

thelaughingwiseman3436d ago

for those who want to see the SCEA Japan conference stream:

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