Mario Kart Wii Sold 300,000 Copies On Launch Day?

Kotaku writes:This isn't confirmed, and we're going to have to wait until Media Create releases the "official" numbers, but apparently Mario Kart Wii moved 300,000 copies on launch day. To put things in perspective, Mario Kart DS did 160,000 at launch, while Mario Kart Double Dash did 180,000 on its first day.

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wiizy3840d ago

yes and im sure it did 500,000 the first week.

Shortstop3840d ago

Begs the question: what else is there to play on the Wii? Should be no surprise. Plus with how many Wiis there are out there, 300k isn't a huge number for a (probably) good game on the Wii. Mario Kart still has a good rep from the 64 days, and to some extent even the SNES days.

CNIVEK3840d ago

300k is PATHETIC, for such a hugely anticipated first party title...of which there are precious few. The Wii has sold over 20 million, yet they only manage 300k at launch? What the hell are the Wii gamers waiting for? Games like Halo 3 and Gears sold more than that in the first HOUR of release. I'm guessing this game will not be received as well as it's predecessors, because of the "issues" surrounding online play with the Wii.

Shortstop3837d ago

The main problem to me, seems to be that while movies enjoy front running advertising whenever a blockbuster comes out, most video games tend to just "come out" in the casual gamer's mind.

Voiceofreason3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

Yes the Wii is at over 20 million and only managed to sale 300k on launch day.. IN JAPAN...The best advice I can give you is to at least have a clue what you are talking about before you speak. Now you just look like a clueless tool to anyone who sees your post. Trashing the Wii and Nintendo is easy enough without posting epic failures like that. Halo 3 is at 100k sales in Japan. I doubt it outsold MK on its first day.Gears sold 80k since launch. Again not a MK killer in sales either.

CNIVEK3840d ago

...and Japan is Nintendo's market. Most of the Halo 3 and Gears sales came from the U.S./Canada, followed by Europe. Nobody would EXPECT them to do well in Japan. This just proves even further, that Wii gamers are truly "casual" gamers; they don't flock to retailers on launch days, in the MILLIONS, like 360 gamers do.

princejb1343840d ago

mario kart died out in my eyes since mario kart 64

blynx1823840d ago

Can you say "Bye bye bubbles...."? What the hell were you trying to prove anyways? Oops. Guess I shouldn't ask that since you're out of BUBBLES.