Gizmodo: Wii Fit Helpin' Us Skii This Summer - Hands On

Gizmodo writes: "With the snow season practically over, we are starting to miss those winter days of snowboarding and hot tubbin'. This summer when the snow is long gone we might actually have an outlet for our snow-sport deprived lives. The Wii Fit. There is a whole set of mini-games that take place on the mountain. With games that range from ski jumping to snowboarding, it makes us wonder if it will be enough to kill the mid-summer, snow-missin' blues.

Sadly, we only got to test out the ski related games. We could see that there was a snowboarding game, but it was not unlocked to play. Yea, we were mad too. But what we did test out did give us a good idea for how the Wii Fit works."

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