Ad Watch: Quake Shaking Up Ads

Gamedaily.Biz writes: "id Software's Quake franchise becomes the latest FPS to make the move into free, ad supported gaming. We caught up with IGA to talk about the trend and its ad integration with Quake Live.

One thing that's always been true about the Quake franchise is that it's been pushing boundaries. The first Quake game revolutionized the industry with its 3D engine and Quake III Arena helped lead the charge with multiplayer focused FPS titles. The most recent game, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, featured brand new technology in the form of the MegaTexture.

While id might be making plans for a Quake V right now, their next release in the series is going to be Quake Live. Appropriately, this new title is breaking ground for the franchise with its online, ad-supported gameplay. With the softening of the PC retail space, this new move might be an important one for both id software and the Quake series.

We caught up with Steve Tucker, VP of Brand Integration for IGA Worldwide, and talked about the ad integration into Quake Live."

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