Nintendo Doesn’t Realize Their Strengths: The Little Wii U That Could

Nintendo themselves have even stated that part of their marketing problem was due to the fact that they had no games to advertise, so they have chosen not to advertise at all. While, in theory, this is understandable, it begs the question if Nintendo has any clue on how to market their system as a standalone device. The most recent example of a device being marketed sans games would be Microsoft’s commercial highlighting their upcoming console, the Xbox One. Arguably, the Xbox One will have a more than decent launch line up, which is proof that you don’t necessarily have to have killer apps to simply notify your target audience that your product exists.

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MadMen2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

WiiU is dead.

Nintendo has much better strengths and can make easy ones, like a Wii at 99 dollars, and focusing more on handheld.

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The_Villager2568d ago

Vita is dead.

Sony has much better strengths and can make easy ones, like a PS4 at 99 dollars, and focusing more on console.

LoveGaming2568d ago

^^ on N4G a article with this title would never get approved.

LoveGaming2568d ago

All they have to do is a major price drop and release a AAA title ala what they did with the 3DS.. problem solved

N4g_null2567d ago

Nope wii u is far from dead. Now if people did not want any of the games in the coming months and 2014 partial line up then you could say that. Plus too its a good place to be an indy and display your art of game making without dealing with the big publishers. I think unity just got a huge update also.

What im watching is the wiiu fit and the party game. Now if a wiiu sports or wiiu play ever come out im thinking they may come with the coveted second gamepad. Im not that excited about those games but the wiiu was a soft luanch. This is when early adopters get to experience the product. The real push comes after they gage the response from the 2013 line up.

if w101 sells expect a starfox/metroid hybrid much like mariomkart is a type of mario kart meets f zero, would it not be cool if f zero cars where dlc for mariokart? Star fox with mech designs would rock, hell mix it with advances wars or bwii from the wii. Let metroid be the halo killer with a hard as nails adventure game attached to it... let 2d and 3d mix more also.

Nintendo creating a fps is what they need to get the new gamers that started with halo. They need to let the dark and light theme permeate through their designs, platinum is good at dark, then let the player choose what part of the game they like.

what I like about the article is it proves Nintendo hasnt even started yet. This first year is like a practice run. They are simply holding their cards it would seem till the other consoles drop. Also they are getting up to speed on hd content creation. Engines are being created, assets pipeline for content creation are being prefected. Gpgpu programing is being explored.

Yet they revealed the predictable sequels that everyone wanted.

the key to the wiiu is the personal windowed vr feature. Also we have the fact that the motion plus can interact with this second screen. This is actually how I play black ops on the big screenit makes the ir adjustable since im pointing with my hand resting on the couch.

then when you see two gamepad gaming you understand what this is really about. Yet you wont see alot of this till next year when the other systems start seeing a drought as they struggle to out hd what we currently own.

I guess it looks bad if you think Nintendo is even close to showing all their cards, yet its clear to see they have a 4 million console lead while they are just sharpening their line up. We are getting glimpse of what they are doing at best. The potential is hugecfor the wiiu though... the system will see a reluanch after the nexr E3 or in march.

Right now they are in thank you mode. This is the game cube era, we may see a fps on par with the n64 golden eye and we will see another wii like event once Nintendo is back up to speed... all we have to do is wait.

yet as a gamer im happy just knowing what they got coming. With retro, monolith, treasure, platinum, mistwalker and seeing what they have made in the past and the game play they have prefected im looking forward to the next 4 years. Powerwise ill be playing with various tesla card setups as long as Nintendo has me covered on the gameplay.

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Activemessiah2568d ago

"Wii U is dead"

It's... very much alive actually.

Angeljuice2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

Well, its on life support in the intensive care unit at least! ;-)

It was a joke, maybe you need to grow up and develop a sense of humour, taking obvious banter to heart will do you no favours (or maybe the joke's a little to close to the bone for your comfort).

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Angeljuice2568d ago


No damage control needed, I really don't care what a self important [email protected] thinks of me. If you read my comments, you'll see many are humorous (well intended to be at least), but then you wouldn't understand that now would you.

"DAMAGE CONTROL", what a moron!!
"kid", I'm 40 years old.

It must be he'll being such a highly-strung dullard, you have my pity and sympathies, I stand by my comments (but fall asleep reading yours).

LoveGaming2568d ago

Heres a better article

Sony Doesn’t Realize Their Strengths: The Little Vita That Could

R00bot2568d ago

I can't see the Vita finding an audience in the future.

They're targeting the home console experience on a handheld, and it's never gonna be as good as the actual home console experience.

The Vita's biggest competition is the PS3 and the 360.

AbortMission2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

haha Lol at the butthurt Nintendo fanboys trying to redirect the attention elsewhere.

Damn, Wii u really is irrelevant and dying. Perhaps they should, oh I don't know... release new games/IPs and issue a bigger price drop? (GASP!)

AKR2568d ago

Release new games?

- Pikmin 3 (Just released)
- New Super Luigi U (Just released)
- Wonderful 101 (Releasing)
- Wind Waker HD (Releasing)
- Sonic Lost World (Releasing)
- Super Mario 3D: World (Releasing)
- Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Releasing)
- Mario Kart 8 (Next year)
- Bayonetta 2 (Next year)
- Super Smash Bros. (Next year)
- X (Next year)

...And these are only the ones we KNOW about.

New IPs?

- Wonderful 101
- Pikmin 3 (Technically, since it's last release was about 10 years ago)
- Bayonetta 2 (Nintendo funded the project)
- X/Xeneoblade (Nintendo owns Monolith)
- Wonderful 101 (Nintendo funded the project)
- Miyamoto's still unannounced IP.

As for a bigger price drop...How much more do you want it for? The Wii U is now $50 more expensive than an 8 year old system (PS3) - you really expect it to be any CHEAPER?

TheVideoGamHer2568d ago

Thank you. Believe are living in denial. The Wii has had a rough year, but the games are finally coming and are here.

@ the price cut: Not to mention they were already selling the thing at a loss at 350 bucks. Some people won't sleep until it's 2 dollars lol.

It's no wonder people think the Wii U isn't worth more than it's truly worth as Nintendo isn't really giving people that impression. Like the article states, they aren't really marketing this thing as the standalone device with fun features like they should be.


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