PS4 vs Xbox One - The Launch Bundles compared

The CVG team explain all the bundles which have been announced. Judge which you think offer the best value.

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MicDude3932d ago

No question the PS4 bundle is the better value. Two controllers and Killzone. I hope the bundle will still be available after launch.

They are both great deals. Now if only if MS would announce a game bundle for the US.

True_Samurai3932d ago

Is that bundle available in the US if so how much

Had to make my own X1 Bundle :p A free game in the US would've been great MS!

jackanderson19853932d ago

thought forza was the free game for the US?

jgrigs093932d ago

I'm sure there will be a free game in the US. I hope it's Forza too.

MicDude3932d ago


Both Xbox Day One bundles are for the UK. Though I'm sure MS will announce a bundle for the US soon.

HammadTheBeast3932d ago

I wish Killzone had split-screen, those controllers would be nice.

aksmashh3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

Killzone,AC, fifa and extra controller for me

Maybe watch dogs

Software_Lover3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

You can't compare launch bundles (game wise) because it's all subjective. Everything is subjective. It's not even about the games anymore. Now if you compare value wise, then you might have a fair comparison there. 2 games vs 1. extra controller vs nothing. ETC ETC

Someone who like the playstation will say the Killzone bundle is the better bundle and the Forza bundle sucks. But if Forza was a Playstation brand their attitude will be switched. Same with an Xbox fan. Things are just too subjective to fairly compare.

Red_Devilz3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

Agreed! Plus, if you are not happy with the game you got in the bundle, you can always trade / sell it to get whatever you want.

However, current bundles (at least in the USofA) don't make any sense to me. PS4 + (e.g.) W_D = $460 on Amazon. If you buy them separately, it is the same. I'd rather go for just the console and buy game of my choice to avoid hassle of trade/sell.

YNWA963932d ago

Hope this comments section stays civil.... A bundle is nice, but just glad to be getting both machines on launch day... Plan on killzone and dead rising... Enough to keep me happy...

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italiangamer12h ago

Looks like the Sony Touch™ has started gracing Bungie 🦍