Apple Could Put the Final Nail in Nintendo’s Coffin

The last six years have been terrible for Nintendo's (NASDAQOTH: NTDOY ) shareholders. After peaking in 2007 with a market cap near $85 billion, Nintendo has steadily collapsed and has now lost over 76% of its value over the last five years.

Unfortunately, this could be the beginning of the end for the once iconic video game company. Apple's (NASDAQ: AAPL ) coming entrance into the video game market, a fairly likely possibility, could signal the end of Nintendo.

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MultiConsoleGamer1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

Apple would be more of a threat to their traditional rivals like Sony, from whom they stole the portable music market, and Microsoft who has been their enemy since day one.

It's hard for me to take articles like this seriously, and I am someone who welcomes Apple's entry into the video game market.

jaredhart1892d ago

At the moment, Nintendo is on the ropes. Another capable player could hurt them the most because they are in the weakest position.

You do have a point though, Nintendo is still shooting for the kids and traditional fans, which means Apple will probably compete with Sony and Microsoft more directly.

dredgewalker1892d ago

They're doing great with the 3DS and this is not the first time they had trouble with a console. And no Apple still won't be able to compete with Sony nor MS since they don't have the game that real gamers want. They simply cater to casuals only and and that's why they have casuals as their fanbase. No self respecting gamer would consider them a gaming company.

ritsuka6661892d ago

Man, wtf this hate for Nintendo come from?? This is not VERY weird an inordinate amount of hate being projected at Nintendo lately in N4G and internet?

mii-gamer1892d ago

natural order of things! nintendo announces a pricecut some fools assume that nintendo is dying. YAHDAH YAHDAH YAHDAH Apple is GOD and will destroy man kind YAHDAH YAHDAH YAHDAH iOS YAHDAH YAHDAH YAHDAH

This is from the author's bio

"The Motley Fool recommends Apple. The Motley Fool owns shares of Apple and Microsoft." yeh and they expect the readers to take them serious when they admit they are blatantly bias

dredgewalker1892d ago

Yep, the motley fool is indeed a fool. Only a complete fool would heed this fool's opinion. Apple does not have any idea on what it takes to make a console for real gamers. They're better off sticking with the casual crowd.

jaredhart1892d ago

Blantantly biased? The website is an investor's website. The articles are all from an investment point of view so they disclose any stock they may hold. There have been many more negative Microsoft/Xbox one stories than Nintendo stories.

meganick1892d ago

Unfortunately, this is nothing out of the ordinary. Articles like this are all too common on N4G.

stragomccloud1892d ago

The thing is though, Nintendo owns the most popular and profitable IPs in the world, and those IPs will move units. The Wii U is prepping to be just like the 3DS.

Realplaya1892d ago

You know what would be crazy I hope Nintendo does a hand held phone hybrid. Team with android and create a device that attaches a controller like impute device. So what that would do is put Nintendo in a position to increase revenue by selling phones/handhelds and also allow them to sale there games on their system.

AKR1892d ago

This is the logic of the Internet when it comes down to Nintendo:

"Hey let's pick on the most profitable video game company in the world. Not Microsoft who looks set to dissolve the Xbox division and not Sony who has been losing profits for almost a decade. No, let's just target Nintendo. Nintendo who owns the 2nd best-selling home console of all time (Wii), as well as who owns the most sold video game console of all time (DS), and currently the best selling system on the market (3DS).

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