Devs say one console is more powerful

Adrian C. (Former People Can Fly) Claims His Dev Friends Claim 50% XB1/PS4 Speed Diff


It's unclear if Adrian is referring to actual console speed or development time when referring to the 50%. His reply to a tweet does say, "the PS4 is more powerful".

Confirmation of Whether the claim is true or not will only come with time.

Actual tweet URL below

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pyramidshead2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

uh oh lol :X

Also just seen this, and had to add, made me chuckle :P

-Foxtrot2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

You know it's like a pattern with the two consoles since they were both revealed

Xbox One negative news
PS4 positive news
...and so on


Xbox One positive news
PS4 SUPER DUPER positive news that crushes/debunks Xbox news

It's hard to take a company like Microsoft seriously when they speak out about the Xbox One because as the news tells us now it's not looking good. Hell since Kinect was revealed all we have gotten from MS are lies after lies, promises that are never fulfilled or stuff which they try and cover up.

Honestly I just don't see how a gamer can stick by MS blindly and defend them when it's just an on going downward slope. I mean one or two things I understand but after everything thats happened it just makes them kind of people look stupid. Instead we get the whole "YOUR ALL FANBOYS" when really the majority of us are just normal people who have common sense and support/praise the company which are doing you would with pretty much anyone

Hydrolex2778d ago

This has been said 1000 times before.... simple as sex, ps4 is stronger

Maddens Raiders2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

No Forced Camera
No DRM under patched lock and key.
Less Money
More 1st Party Studios
More Pre-Orders
More Powerful

I would say Greatness Awaits, but now that is almost like telling someone, Geico can save you 15% on car insurance.

shoddy2778d ago

Powa of teh cloud
ten billion transister
300000 server
% 10 cpu boost.
made by rocket scientists

the winner is............still the ps4

Narutone662778d ago

So Major Nelson was telling the truth that XB1 is not 30% slower than the PS4. It's 50% slower.

Enemy2778d ago

We've known this the whole time. With PS4's superior GDDR5 RAM and GPU combined, how is this not to be expected? The problem is that Xbox fanboys are very hopeful that Major Nelson, a Microsoft spokesperson, is going to be honest. Every claim that we've heard about PS4 being more powerful has come from developers that Sony doesn't even own.

ProjectVulcan2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Yes we have known it. For ages. And tried to tell people that denied it or didn't believe it. Microsoft's damage control has been in effect.

Its not a secret. But this guy is another legit source and just opened that can of worms big time. 2

Dat can....

aCasualGamer2778d ago

A dev just confirmed what we all knew, that Microsoft is selling an inferior console for 100$ more than a superior PS4.

I don't think we'll be able to tell now, but down the line when second year titles come out for PS4 and Xbox One, it's gonna get real obvious who has the 50% speed advantage.

LOL_WUT2778d ago

Shots fired BANG BANG! ;)

MysticStrummer2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

I wonder if Major Nelson is still looking forward to the truth coming out...?

@JohnnyBadfinger - If it was all about dev time, would he have talked about maxing out the consoles or gimping a particular version in the name of parity? I don't think so.

JohnnyBadfinger2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

He (Adrian) goes on to explain its only interms of developing time... Which makes sense as the layout of the ps4 is straight forward no fancy loops to jump through like the x1. But he stated the overall performance is the same.
He claimed nothing about the console being 50% more powerful in performance only development time. Which is a no brainer. X1 has made the same mistake as the ps3 and they have tried to get all fancy and just made things too difficult. The curse of the 3rd I guess

He never said one version would be gimped just that the x1 would take more time to develop for compared to the ps4... But yes he did say if it were you'd never know about it. And it's in the link don't just disagree because it doesn't suit your agenda

MysticStrummer2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Calm down John Boy. I read the link and I didn't hit disagree. He didn't use the word "gimp", he used the word "cripple", and of course you wouldn't know if they went for parity. Come on man...

tuglu_pati2778d ago

This put to rest the dGPU rumors. The proof is right there. If you want graphics PS4 is the best bet, that or a high end pc

Destrania2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

So not only is PS4 50% more powerful, but it's also the easier to develop for platform. Playstation domination is back baby!

@ JohnnyBadfinger

He clearly stated 50% more powerful, not 50% faster development time (even though it will obviously be faster to develop for PS4 over X1 as well) lol. I can't believe you misinterpreted that or maybe you're just being ignorant.

Ritsujun2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Like I said, Xbosh and Mehjurr Pelsuhn need to try harder.

Poor JohnnieB.

Kryptix2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )


I did read the post you're talking about but I'm going to clarify it for everyone.

He does say in his clarification that development time is 50% faster on the PS4 but in his Twitter post he also states that the PS4 is more powerful spec wise.

By how much? That isn't cleared yet. The way it's stated is that the PS4 is more powerful so it gets developed on first then the platform with the weaker hardware gets worked on second to match the more powerful hardware graphically with optimizations.

"...they take extra time for super-extra optimizations on the weaker hardware to make sure things look the same as on the more powerful platform." -Adrian

The one with the weaker hardware, Xbox One, needs to be optimized to match the PS4 graphic wise. Rememeber, Adrian already stated that the PS4 is the more powerful console so development time is much faster. Basically stating that for 3rd party games, the PS4 will be the lead platform.

We still don't know by how much percentage is the PS4 more powerful but this does confirm that the PS4 is not only more powerful than the Xbox One but will be the lead platform for most 3rd party games. Remember how Xbox 360 3rd party games looked better because it was the lead console most of the time? Well, it's changed up now, the PS4 will look better and have better frame rates because the way it works...once the weaker console looks playable, the powerful console does get extra optimizations at the end depending on the extra time given. And this time, there's no complexity involved with development.



"And yet no exclusive on X360 looks like The Last of Us. Halo 4 looks great. Gears blew my mind in 2006. And still, the best looking AAA game of this generation belongs to the supposedly weaker platform." -Adrian

During that time, the weaker platform was considered the one with the more complex and difficult to develop hardware. Even with the PS3's Cell being more powerful, developers have stated that the tools to work with on the PS3 were weak and difficult to use. It took time to workaround the flaws, but as stated from both sides with the PS4 and Xbox One...Sony and Microsoft are working on making both consoles easy to develop for. But this whole article does confirm that the PS4 has better tools to work with or the console is just a beast so all the focus is on it.

It's different now. Weakness is now mostly measured with how powerful the graphics and RAM is, and the PS4 is showing that it's winning on the hardware side.

2778d ago
xHeavYx2778d ago

Guys, I'm worried.I haven't seen Jokes, Negative and many others.
OT. Nothing we didn't know before, otherwise MS wouldn't have made all those " power of the cloud" statements to cover their less powerful console

UltimateMaster2778d ago

He isn't the first developer to say this.
Epic Games themselves say it's better on PS4.

scott1822778d ago

It doesn't matter at all to me as long as sony has those great devs.

thechosenone2778d ago

By the way if you have a min please go upvote this it's getting downvoted to hell by all the xbox fanboys over there. Thnx!

mistertwoturbo2778d ago

I don't understand why its even a debate to begin with. The hardware specs alone already told the full story.

The_Con-Sept2778d ago

The amount of steam behind the PS4 has generated a small cloud above Xbox headquarters..... It is only a matter of time before the Xbox one suddenly gets plastered on every Starbucks cup, burger king bag, google searches that are unrelated, YouTube commercial, and MSNBC's top story on the Xbox one... Without a good tag line because all in one input one just leaves you wondering how one hdmi input is enough when most TVs have 2-3 installed standard.

DragonKnight2778d ago

How many times does this need to be said before it will be put to rest? Sony doesn't even have to try to say it anymore, it's been said that much.

pixelsword2778d ago


The power of the cloud was actually the ability to hide facts behind techno-jargon?

That "cloud" is actually a smoke-screen.

P0werVR2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

I believe that's the problem with most of you.

No body ever contested the speed difference, except some fanboys...

The true argument was, would it make any difference that it would lead PS4 to be better between either console?! NO!

As he had further stated it, without damage control even still sticking to his claim of what he heard.

You guys are now piss celebrating all over each other without anything relevant to state that has already been stated.

So clean yourselves off, because it hasn't even started yet. Outside of this contested sweaty smog hole of a site filled with insecure "little men", it's a long run!

Mark this post, PS4 is not going to do so good after launch.

Hit me up when I told you so!


It's simple...the hasn't started yet!

My gosh you guys are thick in the head.

MazzingerZ2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

I don't trust devs when it comes to talking positive about PS4 when comparing against the X1

I trust more MSFT reps, Major Nelson regarding positive comments about X1 not for nothing all that flow of positive news about X1 comes from MSFT itself:S

Now leaving behind sarcarsm, the PS4 is more powerful, that's a fact and not just a little but also faster to develop for, PS2 devs times which means more cost effectiv dev times that can reflect in some small devs developing only for PS4 and some other releasing first on PS4 and X1 later when done

Those dev times was part of the success of PS2, many crap games indeed but also amazing gems!

ZHZ902778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

I knew Nelson and people with him won't help.

Anyways always PS4 is awesome. ;)

Can't wait to check comments from Xbox fanboys' response.

But da cloud, directx and 300,000 dedicated server. xD

ForeAllEternity2778d ago

Even if PS4 is inevitably the more powerful console, didn't MS ask for identical performance for multi-plat titles previously? I don't want MS to go away completely but they need to focus more on their products rather than forcing restrictions on developers just to "level" the playing field. Until then I refuse to support them as a gamer.

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OlgerO2778d ago

Bu Bu But .... infinite power of the cloudz!

sAVAge_bEaST2778d ago

wow,, I was going to write the exact same thing, with the bu,bu,but... good thing I read comments first.- great minds/

The clowdz, were supposed to make up for this power difference, until they realized, it couldn't.

OlgerO2778d ago

By the way this article is doubting that he meant that the PS4 is more powerfull, but it is. His second tweet actually says this : Its PS4 that is more powerfull

Angeljuice2778d ago

Best quote from the comments on the article;

" No surprise at all. When you have the second coming of Christ as your systems architect you know you got something good going."

TomShoe2778d ago

Sony just keeps winning. and winning. and winning. and winning.

first1NFANTRY2778d ago

even charlie sheen couldn't win this much lol

pwnsause_returns2778d ago

Ps4, Charlie sheen plays on it..cause it's only for the winnars...

AceBlazer132778d ago

That's the truth,the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Quicktopick2778d ago

U can't handle the truth!!!

BG115792778d ago

The truth is out there...

imdaboss12778d ago

m$ just need to shut up..whenever they speak it always turn negative..because they lie like the devil

Kratos_19862778d ago

and can you believe there are MS fanboyz in this world ?

thechosenone2778d ago

they've been like that since the beginning all the way back to Steve/Apple it's not going to stop now.

cell9892778d ago

Major Nelson said he couldn't wait for the truth to come out, now that it's here, what happens next?

majiebeast2778d ago

Well this article is gonna blow up like the fourth of july. Im ready let the show begin!

Thatguy-3102778d ago

Funny thing is people will still try to prove otherwise. Even though Professional Devs have stated this already.

Xsilver2778d ago

because apparently the xbox fans know more than devs smh.

JunioRS1012778d ago

Translated into English, I believe what he said was...

"Shit just hit the fan."

2778d ago Replies(5)
Evilsnuggle2778d ago

But Major Nelson said.....


kickerz2778d ago

Interesting. Well someone is lying or have there facts wrong. Major Nelson or this dev.

stuna12778d ago

Notice how the more deluded ones have suddenly disappeared! You know who you are! Or maybe maybe they're still here, but just using the Cloak of invisibility spells.

This news has been the norm from the beginning, even to the point of retraction! When something is being compared to something else is retracted, it's usually some truth to it! Either because one party doesn't want the other party to get wind of it, Or....... One party is trying to hide information that could be potentially damaging to them!

Many would like to believe Microsoft really has some secret weapon, and they may have something that we haven't heard of yet, but I doubt it's anything to turn the tide of the battle in their favor! The best they can hope for IMO is a stalemate. The 3 os function was their ace in the hole if you ask me, but it has been seriously crippled with the always online feature.

Sony has a score to settle with Microsoft, after the loss of so many markers shares to Microsoft, which is probably one of many reasons why Sony is pushing on all fronts! This gen and next gen are pretty evenly matched as far as support on Sony part, even the Vita is showing signs of rebirth, with Sony showing not only saying it will have a integral role with supporting the PS4.

All I can say is Sony is firing on all cylinder right now, and it would be unwise to underestimate them.

SonyPS3602777d ago

Ugh, the fanboyism. I almost feel sick. You guys will believe anything you're told.

nosferatuzodd2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

Stuna1 bubbles up man you hit the nail on the head i was saying the same thing where are all the xbox fanboys lol
the facts are the facts bro believe it or not that's not going to change it

Olympus2778d ago

Xbox One getting a discreet GPU and it will be announced at the end of September after NDA from AMD as they will announce the new Volcanic Islands architecture which Xbox dGPU is based off.

DragonKnight2778d ago

That's a B.S. rumour. It isn't true. As if Microsoft would hide that after being blasted in PR this much about the power of their console.

Olympus2778d ago Show
PS4isKing_822778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

@Olympus Keep dreaming.

Angeljuice2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Why would they hide the dGPU from the devs making games for their system?

MasterCornholio2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Thats what all XBOX One fans are hoping for.

But heres the truth, the XBOX One doesnt have a dual GPU configuration.

Stop spreading false rumors and deal with the truth.


And when it turns out to be false XBOX One fans will rely on the magical cloud to try and prove that the console is on par with the PS4.

Look the XBOX One isnt a bad console but it isnt as powerful as the PS4. Now im not going to make claims that there is a 50% power difference between the two but this developer seems to confirm it.


Well they are using the NDA as an excuse but that wouldnt prevent developers from using it. And if they did use it Dead Rising 3 would be running at 1080P 60FPS instead of sub 1080P at a shaky 30FPS.

DeadlyFire2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

I can see some extra GPU cores tucked into the board silicon off the APU, but not a full discrete GPU with the time limit they have to even market this in 2013. That is just to much of a stretch. Seems more like the part that deals with GPU MMU host-guest clients. Also in same article as the next link.

An important note to discredit this I believe is that they showcased the Xbox One's SOC at hotchips with only 13.5 Gigapixels a second.

Also PS4 said to be based on 7850. Which has 27.5 Gigapixels a second while running at 1.78 Tflops. Embed it in the PS4 it likely is a little faster. Meaning faster images and more crisp detail. The difference between PS3/X360 was marginal with both having GPUs roughly with 4.4 Gigapixels/s so they both appeared about the same. PSVita has GPU with 4.0 Gigapixels/s. Its quite a difference this time around. :)

PrimeGrime2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Omg.... No.

AMD APU Wiki read it.

"The third-generation Kaveri for high performance devices is expected in late 2013, while Kabini and Temash for low-power devices were announced in summer 2013. Semi-custom APUs based on the technology in the third-generation low-power APUs can be found in the Sony PlayStation 4 and the Microsoft Xbox One eighth generation video game consoles."

That means these are Kabini and Temash semi- custom APU's but they are based off the new technology found in the third generation Kaveri APU planned to released later on for PC's. The only difference is they still use Jaguar cores, while Kaveri uses Steamroller cores.

Have had to post this so many times already its sickening.

You drones and your stupid rumors already.. Seriously what sense would that make, they just over clocked the APU. Now you guys seriously believe that they will change the entire APU in September, two months before the Xbox One is supposed to release in November?

You know how ridiculous that sounds? I thought I had seen it all when it came to people being delusional but holy fuck that just took the cake..

PrimeGrime2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

To prove it even further because so many of you keep talking about this its sad.. Microsoft has released images of the finished Xbox One, way before these rumors came around.

You aren't going to find any secret GPU there. All you will see is exactly what I told you is there.

The custom AMD APU.

Notice the Xbox One only has one huge fan which covers the APU. If there were a another graphics chip, they would need another fan or another heat sink for it.

Obviously like I said they aren't going to change the APU this late either. That is even more ridiculous to think.

When developers wouldn't have been able to even use it, test it or anything. If that was the case, it would have been in the dev kits. You don't add components later after the development process and after you have started production.

Come on people use your freaking brains.

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Magicite2778d ago

Made me actually laugh, bring the heavy Kaz Gif artillery!

PS4isKing_822778d ago

Confirmed. Sony wins next gen by a landslide.

2778d ago Replies(1)
RobbyGrob2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

This is fantastic news for Sony and terrible news for Microsoft, if true. Most of you seem to be missing two very big and important points here:


If it's true that developers can spend 25% less time finishing their games for the PS4 (50% increase in speed = 25% decrease in time), they could either spend that extra time further optimizing and bug-fixing their games, or more realistically; start working on new projects much sooner and thus save a lot of money.

This would make the PS4 a goldmine, in every sense of the word:

- Devs can spend 25% less time and money on finishing up a game, thus..

- ..make money from their next project sooner, and..

- ..sell their games at a lower price and still make more money than they would developing for the XB1.

- Sony will sell even more consoles since more games (and even more so more *exclusive* games) most likely will be created for it than for the XB1 since it makes no sense to choose a technically weaker platform that it also takes 25% longer to finish your project on and that costs 25% more to develop for.

- Gamers will have way more games to play, most likely including a lot more *exclusives* than we previously imagined, and..

- ..could potentially enjoy even more games being added to PS+ than otherwise since a *lot* more indie developers are going to turn to the PS4 over the XB1 since funding is the most important factor to them.


Larry Hyrb stated that Microsoft has some of the greatest software engineers in the world and bragged about how they created DirectX. This is the same as saying that performance is up to the work of the developer. This is true.

However, if a company like Naughty Dog can manage to spend only a few years to learn to optimize their games for the incredibly complex Cell architecture of the PS3, they sure as hell will be able to squeeze out every drop of performance out of the X86 architecture of the PS4 with ease. And since the PS4 hardware already is vastly superior to that of the XB1, that does indeed mean that at least the exclusives have an immensely higher potential in the areas of performance and graphics quality.

Microsoft may be the founders of the standard for 3D graphics today, but that doesn't mean that other developers won't be able to meet or even surpass their knowledge is optimizing it.

thetruth222777d ago

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Kingthrash3602778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

popcorn ready......watching for fanboy war in 3.....2....1....O.O
who should i belive? major nelson a MS employee or 3rd party devs a neutral source?...

question answers itself i guess....ps4 preorder looks better every day.