1UP Previews: World in Conflict

1UP writes: "If you have a decent PC and you like RTS games, stop reading this preview right now and go buy World in Conflict. For those who don't have the luxury of owning a gaming rig and are a lover of all things RTS, World in Conflict: Soviet Assault might be the console RTS you've been waiting for. Yes, I've said that before, and not to take anything away from Universe at War: Earth Assault (I bought it the day it came out for the 360), but World in Conflict has always felt like an ideal combination of unique setting, great storyline, and units that are true to real life to make it something that the console RTS crowd could easily embrace.

Its appeal also has a lot to do with the FPS-style control scheme that has been transferred perfectly to the console's controller. Where the WASD keys once controlled the camera scrolling, that's now tied to the left analog stick. Camera rotation that was tied to the mouse is now bound to the right analog stick. Movement orders and unit selection are fixed to the A/X button, -- a double-tap of that button on a specific unit will highlight every unit of that type onscreen. Holding down the right trigger will bring up a unit list that you can cycle through from the lower right portion of the screen using the left analog stick and A/X button."

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