Blend Games Preview: Okami

Blend Games writes: "You'll have to forgive us, because we're about to tell you a ported title for the Wii is worth your time and money. We've railed on the third party non-effort on Wii for nearly a year now, and here comes Okami to make us flip-flop. The Zelda inspired brilliant title from now defunct Clover Studios makes a new home with waggle controls on Wii. This is where Okami should have always been, and if you thought it was good before…well get ready to enjoy Amaterasu's adveture once again.

Ready at Dawn has stepped in to take on the Wii port, and considering the development team from Clover is scattered to the wind that was no small feat. They've taken the game you already know and improved it for use on the Wii."

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