Mario Kart Wii Outsells All Previous Mario Games on Wii

Nintendo's latest version of Mario Kart has become the 8th biggest launch week in UK history.

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wiizy4983d ago

mario kart is one other reason why the wii will stay on top

Theo11304983d ago

Oh wait no it's not, it just has waggle...

tonsoffun4983d ago

Why does it have to innovate?

Actually, it is alright when you use the wheel, I just prefer to use the nunchuck combo.

Waggle aside, the Wii is still pwning EVERY OTHER NEXT GEN CONSOLE out there a there at the mo and I still don't see that changing - people have been calling from the rooftops of the Wii bubble bursting....I'm telling ya, like it or not, it isn't they still haven't released different coloured controllers/consoles. The wii is the console version of the iPod - peeps will have no probs buying the new couloured version when it comes out because it is still the 'cool' thing to have.

tonsoffun4983d ago

Perhaps it will help Ninty to revise thier inept attitude towards Eurpean release dates - why the hell do we still not have Smash Bros?

But it is good to that Europe still has a great gaming community that will buy things in masses.