GameSpot: Audiosurf Review

The visual presentation in Audiosurf is simple, with tracks appearing as little more than wire frames and sparsely populated backgrounds with minimal effects, but the uncomplicated visual design gets the job done. Graphic detail, resolution, and antialiasing can all be bumped up to slightly improve the graphics, but you'll need a pretty powerful machine to do so, or else the game's frame rate will chug and stutter.

Audiosurf is a very good game that gives you an all-new way to enjoy your music. Granted, Audiosurf does have some technical issues and the lack of alternate play modes is disappointing, but few other rhythm/music games can provide so much entertainment for such a low price.

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ngg123454984d ago

R&C TOD, and now this. Wow...

MK_Red4983d ago

Agreed. This is a new eff up from GameSpot. Guess poor Audiosurf devs were too poor to bribe GS. Oh... I forgot. They are independent game devs.

This game is easily a 9.5 to 10. Already the most celebrated indie game of the last few years.

GutZ314984d ago

I don't need a gamespot review to tell me this game owns or sucks, I already know it owns, you can use your own music to run as a game world.

Thats a solid 10 in innovation.
9 in graphics.
8 in controls and user interface.
and 10 in replay value.

a solid 9 from me, F#$% off gamespot, no one needs your reviews.