Metal Gear Online: 25 Beta Key Giveaway.

Usman Ihtsham of WhatIfGaming writes:

"Post your comments here, and we'll pick 25 luckies at random in groups/sets of 15 each.

Winners will be announced soon."


Beta Key Giveaway Ended By Now. They gave out their 20th, and it's been a couple of hours. So closed.

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LiVv3891d ago

i didn't qualify for a key for whatever reason, but am a huge MGS fan. pick me!

Cicinho3891d ago

Its free on the UK psn, why not just download it there?

slymaddox3891d ago

Just go pre-order the game.

jadenkorri3891d ago

i never get picked for beta's no matter how much i try, i only ever got in Earth and Beyond Beta, but it came out soon afterwards....but since then no beta since and its been a very long time..

TruthBTold3891d ago

and I received the code in my email so Im one of the lucky gamers that gets to play the beta, honestly I dont consider my self lucky for stuff like that but my luck must be this is going to be incredible, thursday you download the beta and monday its go time.

StormSoldier3891d ago

i was at work couldnt read the forums because they dont let us use computers ,and i rly wanted to get into the beta it would of been my first and it kept saying sorry that i didnt get it and it would of been awesome i hope i can win this contest it would be a first 2 lol.cmon pick me for once.

villevalorox3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

i cant wait!!!, thank god we have gta to hold us out.

noooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! i did not qualify....???????????
plez give me a code!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MikeGdaGod3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

you're killing me

3891d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.