GameTap: Okami Review - Does Amaterasu measure up on the Wii?

GameTap writes: "When Okami came out on the PS2 back in 2006, it was showered with great reviews and end-of-year awards. However, even though it's recognized as a critical darling now, when you stop and think about it, it's hard to believe a game based on a Japanese legend featuring art like you see on ancient scrolls and combat that involved a paintbrush actually got made. But I'm really happy it did. And I'm even happier that Capcom has brought the game over to the Wii, giving it the chance to reach a broader audience.

In Okami, you play as Amaterasu, a white wolf who is a physical representation of the Shinto sun goddess. Throughout the game, you must help the local villagers eliminate the evil that has overtaken their village, ultimately facing off against the eight-headed demon Orochi, who's at the root of the problem. Along the way, you learn a series of brush strokes (13 in all) that you can use to bring the world back to life, combat enemies, break open fissures in the earth, and change the day to night, just to name a few. And while it's fun slicing enemies in half, I found it even more enjoyable to use the brush to bring the world back to life as I eliminated enemies from the area."

-Original game play; gorgeous art style
-Adds needed depth to the Wii catalog

-Graphics aren't quite as good as the PS2 version
-Motion control combat occasionally unwieldy
-Painting can be ridiculously touchy

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