The 10 Most Annoying Types Of Halo 3 Players has created a top 10 list of "The Most Annoying Types Of Halo 3 Players" amongst us. When things get really hectic I'm a number 10 and 6. What type player on this list really annoys you?

I would consider putting the guy who says Hallo, like Hello with a soft a. Ohh I hate that guy, not too many of those but when I hear Halo mispronounced its only that much sweeter of a kill!

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Breakfast3865d ago

The three guys who play with one girl, and think they are cool. Nothings worse than that. Testosterone over the internet doesn't translate well.

wAtdaFck3865d ago

These stereotypes exist in all online games.

I ran into this guy in Warhawk (deep voice) who just blurted out the word "B!TCH" with every sentence he spoke.

gEnKiE3865d ago

I was going to say the same thing

astrobrights3864d ago

these types definitely show up in other games, but they seem to be more common in Halo..probably because it's one of the more mainstream FPS games...

socsca3864d ago

It's because most people playing halo are from the US. Face it. Deny it all you want, but you know its the truth. You guys are simply incapable of handling the power of internet anonymity. I'm talking about the general picture here, so don't give me any "oh I never say anything and I'm a proud american".

Obvious tip of the day: get a ps3 and play cod4.

Jon Cage3864d ago

that has "you people" in it is doomed to epic fail. Racism, nationalism, and generalization indicates a character flaw. Ignorance knows no borders. A fact that you have so brilliantly demonstrated.

BeaArthur3864d ago

socsca...I don't suppose you have the stones to tell us where you are from. My guess is that you are just jealous because whatever country you are in doesn't have a strong enough signal to even play the game. I guess that would be number 11 on the list, people from other countries who have crappy connections and lag up the game.

socsca3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

actually yeah, I do have the stones. Sweden is where I'm from, and my internet connection is 100mbit, though it runs at 80/60 (down/up), anyway its a lot better than most other people have... D-oh? You just proved me right by the way.

And no, its not a character flaw, nor is it racism or nationalism (wanna see racism/nationalism? look at above comment made your fellow american), its scientific objectivity at its best, based on COUNTLESS empirical experiences online. Now, before you rush to your defense and pointless, insecure name-calling think about this: how many times have you heard others than americans talking crap and generally behaving like morons on LIVE? Be honest. Again, I'm not talking about 1-2 guys, I'm talking about the general picture. Wan't to make a scientific contribution to the world? Change your name to "gayguy" or "blackdude", listen to the inevitable negative comments made in the lobby and then ask people where they are from. If your test results are anything LESS than 95% americans, I will bow down and kiss your feet.

Keep living in denial.

mintaro3864d ago

im pretty sure you can play CoD4 on 360.....

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jkhan3865d ago

I always wanted to try Halo3 online, I tried once and after that I promised myself I am not going to play online. I am not the best player in the world but come on, serious does this give people the right to swear at others. Its just a game. As the writer of that article said if your only achievement in life is that you are an astounding Halo3 player, then please get a life for yourself. Games are for enjoyment not for some professional rivalry. I totally agree with the fourth point, I mean seriously where are these kids parents. I guess parents don't give attention to what there kids are doing these days:(
I will give MGO a try, hopefully people will be less obsessive about games there.


"Games are for enjoyment not for some professional rivalry"...actually halo 3 offers tons of money (hundreds of thousands and 1/4 million dollar contracts) for gamers that reach the "pro" level. go to formore details. i do agree with your comment mostly but just wanted to let you know that

LevDog3865d ago

He forgot one..

11. Halo players themselves..

Cause the game sucks people.. Quit living off the name.. Halo3 is a trash game..

KBDuB3864d ago

People wouldn't keep going back to it if it actually sucked. The game has to be good in the first place to "live off the name."

IzKyD13313864d ago

.The racists/trash talkers

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