Tomb Raider Writer Rhianna Pratchett is Left Unimpressed with MGS5 Character Quiet

Rhianna Pratchett expressed her dismay on Twitter today about ''erotic'' Metal Gear Solid 5: Quiet's design.

majiebeast3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

Who else is gonna comment about Quiets design? Im just waiting for Anita Sarkeesian to throw her hat in the ring.

FullmetalRoyale3913d ago

This just goes to show you not only how good Kojima is at trolling, but how intelligent he really is.

He has played every single person like a fiddle of gold.

This is clearly self-brewed controversy. You didn't say as much, but I get the vibe that you "get it".

I just like how everybody is giving him and HIS GAME the attention that he wants. He makes it all look so easy lol.

Everyone is talking about it and it took almost no effort on his part.


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KonsoruMasuta3913d ago

That's not what Kojima is doing. He is clearly doing this in hopes that girls will cosplay as Quiet.

This is all part of an elaborate plan to see female cosplayers in skimpy outfits. Smart man.

Gamingcapacity3913d ago

Does Dead or Alive get this much attention?

Just wondering because that is a far far, to the power of ten, better example of sexism.

cleft53913d ago

Yeah he definitely knew people would go on a witch hunt and is just baiting them.

Heisenburger3913d ago

I definitely agree. I find it harder to believe that he would do this by accident.

He's a veteran of the industry, and he knows how people (over)react to things.


Why are you assuming some homo-erotic fixation because he thinks it's a strategy by Kojima?

As a matter-of-fact the dude didn't even say whether or not he approved of the strategy. So I really don't get your comment.

The fact is that people are talking about his game.

Eonjay3913d ago

Rhianna best comment "There's a different between almost naked & deliberately sexualised bikini-babeness."

But it sounds so dope tho...

ChrisW3913d ago


He's just using typical Japanese marketing skills.

Next thing he'll try to shove in our faces will be AKB48 style MGS promos.

CocoWolfie3913d ago

and yeah this probably wont affect the sales in a negative way at all :p

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KonsoruMasuta3913d ago

This is just more publicity for the game. Controversy only attracts more people.

cleft53913d ago

I don't understand how their is anything to be impressed or not impressed about, they have only shown the visual design of the character. They haven't gone into her back story or anything. We haven't even seen any creepy scenes that could be mistaken for a rape scene like in Tomb Raider that Rhianna Pratchett wrote.

THamm3913d ago

Dude what about GTAV. Almost every pic of a female has them posing in a raunchy way

Axonometri3913d ago

But everyone expects GTA to be raunchy.

SilentNegotiator3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

Wait a minute, the writer that wanted to make Lara Croft a lesbian just because it would look extra progressive?

Who would have guessed that someone who believes in progressiveness for its own sake would be unhappy with a sexy female character model?

Just a feminist lashing out at an attractive character model...yawn...

Snookies123912d ago

I'm sick of hearing people complain about this character... They're obviously just looking at her model, and have no interest in actually waiting until the game is released to see what her personality is like. It's hot as crap in the desert, I'd be shirtless too! Especially when you're using a rifle like that. You have to have complete focus. Which means if you're wearing a lot of clothing, burning up and sweat is dripping into your eyes you can't see to shoot.

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ThatCanadianGuy5143913d ago

I'm slightly offended.Feminism, help! save me!

cleft53913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

True feminism isn't the problem. True feminism doesn't look down on a female or male for being shown nude or in revealing clothes, nor does who portray them in such a fashion. Remember part of the feminist movement was the whole burning bras thing.

Feminism is concerned about the rights of both men and women, this single minded focus on one side of the issue has nothing to do with feminism. Just a bunch of mislead, self-righteous people that are full of themselves.

Eonjay3913d ago

The only thing more important than the console wars is Quite's wardrobe. Well done HK you have our full attention. Also, I nearly forgot, but she is just a supporting character.

Enemy3913d ago

All this is probably going to cause Kojima to force a different design. Maybe have her appear like this in one scene, like Eva, instead of it being her default look.

Lord_Sloth3912d ago

Nope. She'll stay as she is because it's Kojima and he doesn't care what thin skinned people have to say about her design.

Seriously, women run around in the real world in tight outfits and act like skanks, what's wrong with a virtual woman wearing something revealing if she's not acting like a skank? It's just an outfit. I'm confused....

lunatic00013913d ago

seriously...WTF is the big deal about her design...we haven't even played the game yet and people are already judging the character when no one knows her story in the game or she dresses like that...people need to shut the fuck up about this

Bundi3913d ago

Well he did ask what people thought in his tweets. There you go Kojima. Your semi-nude desert soldier is not a hit.

People should not be held to different standard just because they make great games. At some point or another we really should ask ourselves why exactly a soldier is half naked in combat with just torn stockings and a thing to sheath her naughties!

I mean are we really going to tolerate such objectification? Imagine if this were a movie! It would b relegated to the B-secton so quickly because it makes absolutely no sense why a combatant would step off a plane/boat/car dressed like that.

Demand higher standards guys, if games are to be seen as art then let's not give this AAA rating status, it is cheap B-rating tactic to get our willies excited.

dktxx23912d ago

Art is only art when it is truly free of conformity, even when that conformity is being what we expect from art. Great art comes when artists, like video game developers, shape their work not from expectations, but from the concoctions of their mind. And perhaps Kojima designed Quiet for the wrong reasons, but he's not perfect. And neither is real art.

tigertron3913d ago

Where has all of this come from all of a sudden?

Anon19743913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

I know. Frankly, I think the character is ridiculous (is that shark repellent on her belt?) but I know I'm going to play the hell out of this game. What's odd to me is there's so many articles about this already, like this is the first time they've seen a scantily clad female in a video game. Have these people been asleep for the past decade and are suddenly waking up now? No one show them Dead or Alive. Their heads will explode.

lunatic00013913d ago

i was thinking the same thing...people would rip dead or alive a new one especially extreme beach volleyball....people are making a big deal out of something that really shouldn't be