Kikizo: Nanostray 2 Review

Kikizo writes: "The original Nanostray was a pretty impressive-looking DS game back in 2005, so much so that I even purchased a DS just to play it, believe it or not. Developed by Shin'en, the fine folks behind other impressive-looking shooters like Iridion 3-D and Iridion II for the Game Boy Advance, Nanostray was an arcade style vertically scrolling shooter, that featured nifty-looking 3D backgrounds mixed with 2D gameplay a la Psikyo's Zero Gunner and Taito's Ray Storm.

Nanostray was definitely a game that showed tons of promise only to be marred by uninspired gameplay that really didn't do much to differentiate itself much from other shooters. But despite its lack of originality, it was just so nice to finally have a shooter on the DS that it was easy to overlook some of the game's faults and enjoy it for what it was.

Fast-forward to the present and Nanostray 2 is finally here with a host of improvements over the original."

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