Microsoft Is So Sorry About How It's Treated Xbox One Fans So Far

LOS ANGELES (AP) — When it comes to hyping next-generation hardware, the video game industry doesn't typically opt for simplicity. However, during a presentation at the GameStop Expo in Las Vegas to promote the upcoming Xbox One console last week, a no-frills, old-school approach is exactly what Microsoft employed when confronted with a convention room full of passionate gamers.

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thetruthx12779d ago

Real gamers forgive you Microsoft seeing how you fixed the problems before they even went into effect.

Only Sony fanboys that were never gonna get the Xbox One still love to complain

JoGam2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Only Sony fanboys? Lol.......Dude, those wasn't Sony fanboys jumping ship. Sure everyone isn't currently pissed at MS but they sure did put a bad taste in their customers mouth. Enough to make some of the biggest Xbox fanboys turn to the Playstation 4. FACT!

DarkBlood2779d ago

agreed, microsoft are working thier way to regain trust, i still wont get one till they make a kinectless bundle but seeing how they invested way too much to just do that option right now i would have to wait a long time to see it happen

if thats the case then so be it

thetruthx12779d ago Show
badboy7762779d ago

NFL say's No they're not.

Winter47th2779d ago

It's okay Microsoft you PISSED on our faces and told us it's raining but hey we forgive anything for a game right?

Seafort2779d ago


The backlash has nothing to do with power of the consoles.

It has everything to do with price and trust.
In the UK we are just coming out of a double dip recession and you expect people to splash out on a luxury item? Compare Xbox - £430 to PS4 - £350.

Now which one do you think people will buy considering the economic climate?

MS doesn't have that year's advantage this time around and that will have a massive effect on what console people buy. The UK was a playstation powerhouse but Sony lost that because they launched the PS3 over a year later than Xbox in EU/UK. So everyone and their friends bought an Xbox instead.

I'm expecting the UK to go back to the Playstation this time around especially with the price difference.

NewMonday2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

MS don't need to apologize because from the comments we read XB1 fans don't mind the explotation

jimbobwahey2779d ago

Microsoft was only sorry once they saw how abysmal preorders for the Xbox One were.

Up until then, they told their precious fans to just "deal with it".

Real classy company. If you forgive them for that and honestly think the changes that they're making are because they care about their fans, then you're a complete idiot. They only care about the money in your wallet, and they don't change their policies until they realize that they might not get it.

die_fiend2779d ago

U think that's bad?! Wait and see what they've got in store for you post-launch!

Kryptix2779d ago

I read the article, nowhere in there is Microsoft apologizing or saying "sorry" to the gaming community.

A lot more of that, "we did the changes only because of the gamer's feedback" bs we keep seeing. They keep acting like they were right this whole time and won't admit for once that they were making mistakes in the beginning.

Here's the piece of the article that the journalist somehow considers an apology:

---From article:

"Look, at Xbox, we really care about the community," Hryb replied when asked point-blank how Microsoft would win back consumers. "We're very focused on what is right for gamers. Everybody at Xbox is a gamer. It's not like we just show up, do our work and go home. We want to make this the best game system that you are going to own for the next 10 years."

The presentation was apparently the first stop of an apology tour for Microsoft, which originally said the successor to the Xbox 360 would be required to go online every 24 hours and limit how users could access previously purchased games. A month later, citing feedback from consumers, Microsoft Corp. announced it decided not to implement such restrictions.


Notice the word "apparently" being used by the journalist? You wouldn't need to use the word apparently if it was clear as day for the readers. So the title of the article is only there because there's a lot of people like thetruthx1 that don't want to read the article and just spew more bs.

The journalist is just trying to talk for Microsoft when they should be doing it themselves. Delusional I want to say... Microsoft needs to let out an official statement of apology, not some guy taking the words they been saying for a long time and trying to spin it to create a brand new story.

gaffyh2779d ago

Microsoft is so sorry that they aren't going to get your money more like.

DragonKnight2779d ago

They're not sorry unless you want to count being sorry that their B.S. was called out. If there was no backlash, there would be no apology.

@thetruthx1: Your name is false because you lie. Real gamers are one of the reasons for the change to begin with, people like you would have kept the DRM because you're blind corporate fanboys.

hqgamez2779d ago

The truth is that Xbox fanboys jumped ship back to sony because we all know it was ps2 they were on. them boys jump to 360, original fans stick with sony. Now when they see what MS really came into the gaming world for.....$ only and don't know much, Now they want to jumpship back to playstation. I call each one of them a hypocrite. Join that 360 boat to diss that playstation when they were originally playing that ps2. Now they want to cry back to playstation and act like it never happen. Them boys can keep their 360 & get an X1. Playstation was doing just fine without them. That's the truth.

BallsEye2778d ago

I'm a gamer longer than probably most of N4g users are on this world. I forgive MS. Actually the only thing bothering me really was region lock. I will buy 2 xbox ones, one for me and my wife and one for kids. PS4 maybe next year who knows. Real gamers buy their own toys and they do not care about a lot of that crap that make n4g users crazy. Honestly, I know plenty of xbox players and none of them thought even for a second not to buy XO even when DRM was still here. I bet my balls 90% of complainers here were die hard sony fans.

ZodTheRipper2778d ago


I think that people overestimated Microsoft after this gen. Microsoft can't compete with Sony in terms of games or gaming consoles, Microsoft is a software company that got very lucky after Sony screwed up the PS3 launch and lost all of it's PS2 momentum. That momentum quickly came back after PS4's unveiling and just grew bigger and bigger until now - where it's even surpassing expectations thanks to M$ screwing it up this time. Judging by their marvellous marketing work in the last couple of months, I'm expecting a lot of strategic AAA announcements (Naughty Dog, Santa Monica, etc.) from Sony until launch to win the rest of the sceptics over.

BallsEye2778d ago


You have a very short memory or you werent alive in times of first psone model and ps2. THese consoles had more problems than 360 with its RROD. Problem was, the warranty didn't cover it. I had to buy 3 psone some point I had to flip the damn thing upside down for it to read discs, all 3 of them. My point is, please don't praise sony as amazing hardware company, they have their issues. MS did a great job with original xbox, the thing was undestructable. They screwed up with 360 because of a little bit rushed upgrade which caused RROD but also gave power to 360 that surpassed PC's at that time when it came to graphics.

DragonKnight2778d ago

@BallsEye: I was around for the multiple PS1's and PS2's and NONE of them had the failure rate of Microsoft's Xbox 360. If you think for a second that any other console had that kind of failure rate out of the box, you're flat out wrong. Microsoft's Xbox 360 had one of the worst failure rates in consumer electronics history, and definitely the worst in home console history. Don't try to downplay that fact by bringing other console's problems into it.

ThanatosDMC2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Doubt they're sorry at all. Only after realizing the little amount of pre-orders did they start their 180s. Heck, they should lower their price comparable to the PS4 since it's lower tech.

Plus the new UI is gonna be a pukefest of ads. They even said it... i mean, really?!

MWong2778d ago

And the funniest, sad but true comment goes to Winter47th.

M$ for sure gave it's consumer base a GOLDEN SHOWER and so many are just ok with it. At least they aren't saying if you can't play online we have a console for you it's called the 360.

Dee_912778d ago

the damage has been done to put it simply...
i'll get a xbox one eventually because of forza but, for now that trust is gone.

Rhaigun2778d ago


I've been gaming since the Commmodore 64 days. I've owned every system except 3DO, Jaguar and Dreamcast in that time, and the 360 is the only machine I've ever had fail. Three times as a matter of fact. Hell, even the Turbographix 16 had a better survival rate.

patterson2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

@ Microsoft:
You can't figuratively point a gun at someone's head, say sorry and expect that person to forgive so easily. It's going to take a lot of time and work to come back from that if ever, because your true nature has been revealed.

pixelsword2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

"Only Sony fanboys that were never gonna get the Xbox One still love to complain"

I have been told that I can act like quite the Sony fanboy at times, but I was on here for a while after I found out about Sony paying to play that I would get an XboX one... I even said that Sony was last on my list, but Microsoft was determined to mess that up, and the PS4 made a really appealing show at E3, so now the PS4 is neck and neck with upgrading my PC and the steambox.

Foliage2778d ago

Individuals like thetruthx1 enjoy the bad taste Microsoft leaves in their mouth.

starchild2778d ago

This past generation I owned a gaming PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. This upcoming generation I'm really not impressed with any of the consoles, so I'll stick with my PC and a little later I'll get a PS4 after a couple games I want have come out on it.

In that sense I guess I am one of those people that owned an Xbox 360 and won't be getting an Xbox One.

That said, 95% of you commenting on this article were known hardcore Playstation fanboys last generation and would have hated the next Xbox regardless. It's the simple truth.

The Sony fans on this site and other gaming sites are always the loudest and most vociferous critics of the Xbox One and it's silly because most of you wouldn't have bought one anyway.

HonestDragon2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Agreed. Seems like some Xbox fanboys are conveniently forgetting that a good number of Xbox owners have decided to not go with Xbox One. Have Microsoft improved since then? Sure, but the damage has been done.

@ thetruthx1

Real gamers don't follow a company's attempt to restrict your rights as a consumer. Real gamers voice their disapproval. Real gamers know when they are being fed corporate BS. Microsoft made their bed and now they must sleep in it. They screwed up and they know it.

@ starchild

Sony fans aren't the only ones who voiced concern and criticism of the Xbox One. Journalists, analysts, and the general consumer have voiced themselves. Don't make it seem like Sony fans are the only ones who said anything to critique Microsoft. I can guarantee that most people who commented up top are looking it as a gamer and consumer. Not as a Sony fanboy as you claim.

I believe any fanboy can be as "vociferous" given the chance. Regardless of it being on N4G, Gametrailers, IGN, or Youtube, fanboys are everywhere and no one can claim that any fanboy camp is innocent of being worse than another. They are all equally terrible.

badz1492778d ago

seriously...where in the article stated that they are sorry? I can't see any!

Ritsujun2778d ago

thetruthx1's in her sweetsweet daydreams.

imt5582778d ago

If you're sorry, Microsoft, than remove the Kinect from bundle, god damn or f*ck you, MS!

Btw. Phil Spencer from GAMESCOM 2013 :'we're committed to the original vision'

So sorry!!?? Jizz...

ziggurcat2778d ago

i'm beginning to think that thetruthx1 is just a greenpowerz alt account... because the sam, delusional nonsense he utters seems to be the same as greenpowerz.

SilentNegotiator2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

If Microsoft has been this oblivious to gamers' needs and so deceptive up to this point (all before Xbox One even launched), why would you want to follow them for an entire generation?

H0RSE2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

The only consumers that MS (or their actions) are really going to an effect on, are the dedicated players that actually follow trends and gaming news, which isn't the majority.

Most people don't even know what's in the food they eat, so do you really think they have any idea about the shenanigans MS is pulling in regards to a game console? Many no idea what MS or Sony has been up to, and their actions will have no effect on which console they buy.

Some you act like MS is responsible for mass child's a video game console....I've been gaming for over 25 years, and it will always be my love, but I tend to dedicate my passion and emotion to facets that actually matter, like activism and educating myself.

ajax172778d ago

Wow, I've only been on N4G for a little over a year, but that is the most disagrees I've seen for a comment.

starchild2778d ago

I hate the attitude of Sony fanboys in which everybody must agree with them and march in lockstep. Even when I agree with them, I simply can't stand the herd mentality and the way they shove their views down everybody's throat and act like everyone must agree with them.


Not everybody has to think the same way. The fact that this is a site dominated by Sony fanboys and there were still over a hundred people that agreed with him shows you that there are a lot of people that don't think the way you do. But you guys always attack and try to marginalize those with different opinions.

Why can't you just be happy with your choice in platform(s) and games and be respectful of others with different preferences?

I'm not buying a Wii U or an Xbox One, but I never attack supporters of those consoles and tell them they are stupid for their choices. I don't believe people are stupid for choosing any system. Each system has its pros and cons, and different people have different needs and preferences. Why is that so hard for some of you to understand?

Yi-Long2778d ago

It's very very simple: Which company do I trust more to look after my rights and needs as a gamer!?

Microsoft or Sony.

The answer, for me, is very simple. I think most people who have followed the news, will feel the same way.

At this point, it's not even ONLY about games anymore btw. It's also the whole NSA thing.

NukaCola2778d ago

Wow over 500 disagrees. Haven't seen that ever.

If MS was sorry they would of apologized. Ever 180 MS does they play it of as if they never did anything wrong in the first place.

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HammadTheBeast2779d ago

Confirmed by MS exec: Kinect is MADE FOR ADVERTISING.

See ya.

PickAShoe2779d ago

There's gonna be a word "sorry" in the advertisement day one.

PickAShoe2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Oh and don't bring out the hammer just yet, there's a sticker, exclusively for xbox one!

Automatic792778d ago

"Confirmed by MS exec: Kinect is MADE FOR ADVERTISING."

You're a clown. LOL

Kryptix2778d ago


He's not lying, just stating a fact that Microsoft did confirm that the Xbox One was built with advertisement in mind and the Kinect is essential to it.

If you want proof, just click on the link below:

==Quote from the link:

The Microsoft employee added that Nuads, “transform passive TV advertising into something interactive, immersive, and actionable, redefining the relationship between consumers and brands with amazing new advertising opportunities”.


He's not a clown for stating fact, but you do enjoy being exploited by Microsoft. Unless you were actually blind and I just brought light to your senses. It would be stupid now to just dismiss it since I gave you a solid link. Truth hurts, but at least now you know.

H0RSE2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Really guys? You're gonna bring up advertising, as if virtually every other facet of life isn't also effected by it? Purchases you make both online and at brick and mortar retailers, searches you make on the internet, websites you visit, TV shows you watch, commercials, magazine ads, billboards, and many, many, more, all have ties to advertising. If you're gonna hate on MS for using their device for advertising, you might as well not leave your house, not go online, and never interact with society.

Sure, MS isn't helping by adding to it, but bringing it up like it's some MS exclusive thing, is misleading at best. Besides, like virtually every other source of advertising, it can all be ignored.

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christrules00412779d ago

You have no idea how many times I've read someone say they were switching from Xbox 360 to the PS4. It wasn't just fanboys. If it was negative feedback that made Microsoft change there mind they wouldn't have tried to fight it off at E3. They had time to change there policies inbetween there initial reveal and E3.

Just find it funny how some of the "Sony fanboys" are actually people who used to be Microsoft's fanboys. That isn't a good thing and that didn't happen because of Sony.

Microsoft drove them away and knew by all the negative feedback what they were doing.

NewMonday2779d ago

the same people who are preferring the PS4 and criticized the XB1 are the same who preferd the 360 at the start and criticized the PS3.

we represent the bulk of the market, the swing voters that look out for our own interest with no loyalty to brands.

UnHoly_One2779d ago

I can verify that that is incorrect, newmonday.

All of my friends thought the PS3 was a junk system that unfortunately had 6 or 7 really good games.

All of those same friends have zero interest in a PS4.

Maybe we aren't clogging up Internet forums as if our opinions represent everyone, but we are definitely out there.


for example, people like me

MysticStrummer2778d ago

@UnHoly_One - "I can verify that that is incorrect, newmonday."

No, you can't and you didn't. No one said all MS fans were jumping ship, just that many are. You happen to know some that aren't.

Automatic792778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

"Microsoft drove them away and knew by all the negative feedback what they were doing."

I heard the same thing from "Sony Fanboys" who are actually purchasing an Xbox One. Its amazing how people go back and forth. Assuming that MS is the only one who drove people away is wrong.

ForgivenZombie2778d ago

Me and my friends were xbots even though I was the only one with ps3, but we are all leaving Microsoft for PS4, if I get an xbone it will be after a year because of previous RROD issues on 360.

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gaelic_laoch2779d ago

Do yourself a favour and go get treatment for your Stockholm Syndrome pronto!

FlunkinMonkey2779d ago


You are either a shill... Or a gold fish (terrible memory)..

I'm thinking both.

Luckily logical people have more of an elephant mentality (never forgetting).

Goldish (minority).. Elephants (majority).

LostDjinn2779d ago

It's a case of not having anything meaningful to say. You just keep spamming a message (even if it's ridiculous).

What I find funny is that people like the one you mention think this sort of behavior actually substitutes reality. It's frightening.

Andronix2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

At no point in the article does anyone from Microsoft say 'sorry.'
The so called apology comes from what the journalist believes Microsoft's more recent actions mean.

DragonKnight2778d ago

As a matter of fact, MS have said repeatedly that they are committed to the original vision. So not only are they not sorry, but they are probably looking for a way to quietly bring back their DRM in the future.

pompombrum2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

I'm a real gamer (and wouldn't consider myself a Sony fanboy however I respect their gaming orientated stance) and I don't forgive Microsoft. If they had listened initially and at their E3 conference addressed people's concerns and promised to look into what they could change so gamers got the best of both worlds, I'd forgive them but no, they reacted to the poor preorder figures, not to their fan's concerns.

Silly gameAr2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

lol real gamers. You saying that right there forced me to comment. Sorry, but this has nothing to do with real gamers. People with common sense should be wary of MS and their flip flopping ways. If you want an X1, cool but don't trust MS so easily because they might end of doing another 180 on you. I've never seen so many articles telling us why we should forgive a company so much as I have MS.

Pttf. Real gamers.

ajkula2779d ago

M$ have always been a bunch of thieves, now they just tried to rape theirs fans without lub. while peting them...
people who think for themselves might go look out elsewhere

die_fiend2779d ago


You're messed up in the head. Let's hope I never come across you on PS4

nukeitall2779d ago

I don't think MS need to apologize for anything. The original vision for the Xbox One was what I wanted, not this future chained to an old model of physical media, where people physically hand you a disc to borrow a game or a digital future where I cannot sell, trade-in, gift or share my digital games.

That is anti-consumer and we have actually moved backwards!!!

kcuthbertson2779d ago

Do you really believe that micro was gonna let you trade in your digital games? That's rich dude... And even if they did, they would shaft you harder than GameStop ever dreamed of.

JoGam2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Can not trade, or sell digital games? Huh? Digital games? IMPOSSIBLE!

torchic2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

I'm just glad the world isn't filled with people like you, who knows where we would be? still under the tyranny of an evil government?

anyone who supported the original Xbox One concept is a failure in my eyes and should find another hobby.

nukeitall2779d ago

@kcuthbertson, JoGam:

If you stop being hysteric and actually read and comporehend, then yes, MS has confirmed multiple times that *trade-in*, lending, gifting, reselling and sharing digital games was part of Xbox One vision and why it required the 24-hour check in. Otherwise, how else are MS to remove a game you traded in, or gifted away?

Yes, the 24-hour check-in wasn't to strip you of all your rights, invade your home, and take all your rights away!

This was re-iterated just days ago AGAIN:

"We were trying to implement the ability to trade [and] loan digital games with your friends, which is something that no-one else was doing." -Albert Penello of MS

Places like GameStop would be able to trade like you always have.

Furthermore, you will be able to sell your games yourself, so no shafting by GameStop:

"We[MS] will have a solution—we’re not talking about it today—for you to be able to trade your previously-played games online," -Phil Harrison of MS

If people would just pull their head out of their @ss sometimes.


Anyone that resist change, follows the herd, being ignorant to facts and makes assumptions without thinking is a total failure in my mind and why this world is the way it is.

DragonKnight2778d ago

@nukeitall: That's B.S. and you know it. MS only came forward with this nonsense after they had no choice but to remove their draconian DRM because they wanted everyone to act just like you are.

"Awww, you mean I could have traded in digital games? Dammit I wanted that."

They had no intention of allowing people to do what you claim because if they had, they'd have made that clear from the start. And I don't buy the idea that Microsoft executives are so incompetent at their jobs that they couldn't get such an important message across effectively.

I'm not surprised by your MS fanboyism, I am surprised at how far you're willing to take it.