Dell aims to reclaim global lead

Michael Dell has said his firm can regain its spot as the world's number one PC maker by switching its focus to consumers and the developing world.

"We're growing faster than our industry," he told BBC News, "so if you keep on doing that for long enough time, you'll certainly get there."

Mr Dell returned as chief executive in 2007 after the company he founded as a college student was overtaken by HP. He said his turnaround strategy for the firm was already bearing fruit. He said sales were up 19% at the end of the year, having started the year falling at a rate of 11%.

In an interview in Venice, where he was explaining his new strategy to European customers, Mr Dell conceded that the company had missed out on the boom in supplying computers to home users - who make up just 15% of its revenues - because it was focused on supplying businesses.

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