Xbox 180: Microsoft works to save face after Xbox One backlash

Startribune: No doubt Microsoft could use a boost to its bottom line in the coming months. The company's stock fell this week after announcing it was spending $7.2 billion to buy Finnish smartphone maker Nokia in an effort to better compete in the hot mobile market. And Microsoft absorbed a $900 million charge in its last quarter to account for the flop of its Surface tablet, which runs a version of its Windows operating system.

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CalibriSerif3552d ago

it's too late. the people has already decided on the ps4. microsoft better start planning for xbox two #truthfact

Death3552d ago

It's too late. The Playstation gamers already decided on the PS4. Microsoft and Sony are already planning the next generation of consoles. It's what they do. As for the rest of the people, some bought a Wii U, some pre-ordered the Xbox One and some are going to wait and see.

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abusador3552d ago

Since rrod fiasco and the lies and bs i have dropped Micro like a bad habit!!!! But i know many who have recently just said "%$ck Them!"

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