Backwards Compatibilty List Update

You can now play a number of xbox games on the Xbox 360 including games like Destroy All Humans 2 and Justice League Heros.

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Zaskark54467d ago

I love Destroy All Humans 2 cant wait to play it!

Fish4464d ago (Edited 4464d ago )

I have yet to see a list of games for this update. They aren't on's b/c list and no one else has reported such an update. You got the inside scoop? Post the games please!

TheMART4467d ago

Too bad they didn't add Ralli SPort Challenge 2 yet! I wished this time it would be on the list. The only game on my original XBOX I really wanted to work.

death monk4465d ago

that's the first game I looked for on the list. I love that game sooo much.

Fish4464d ago

I haven't seen it yet.

shortyNZ4467d ago

im waiting for conker to be compatible, i checked link to the list and its not changed since aug! so where is this new list with destroy all humans 2 etc???? HELP

Apocalypse Shadow4466d ago

microsoft blows when it comes to backwards compatibility.good system,but the bc NFL 2K5 even.that blows.

marionz4466d ago

there is no update that i can see, i cant even find any info on the net bout this story spam or wot???

Fish4464d ago

Maybe not spam, but there's certainly nothing out there to back up this claim.

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The story is too old to be commented.