Searching For The Young Strategy Rebels

There've been renewed efforts to realise strategy on console of late – notably C&C3, and upcoming rethinks of Supreme Commander, World in Conflict and Civilization. Mouse – gamepad has historically been an awkward transition, but sooner or later someone's surely going to nail it. PC gamers can be confident in a sustained, healthy dribble of Sins of a Solar Empires and Armageddon Empireses, but in parallel to that Rock, Paper, Shotgun is absolutely convinced the Team Fortress 2 of RTS is coming, and soon.

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FLOPbox 3603838d ago

Man!! Keep all the great news coming for the FLOPbox!

Hububla3838d ago

I dont see why companies cant just make all RTS on a PS3 or x-box compatible with a mouse and keyboard.... i mean both systems can use a mouse and keyboard cant they?? so why would there have to be any transition... just use a mouse and keyboard same as PC duh!